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10/26/13 6:33 P

Learn what a truly healthy lifestyle path is.
Admit that you made a mistake (as you already have done).
Forgive yourself instantly.
Get right back on the path instantly

NIRERIN Posts: 14,273
10/26/13 7:27 A

i agree that you should be holding yourself up to be better than you were last week rather than up to some perfect ideal. because if you set your standard at working out for four hours a week and eating in your ranges everyday, not working out at all and eating 1000 cals over your ranges is not going to look so great. but if you take this week and compare it to last week [last week where you didn't work out and ate 1000 cals over your ranges], you can work out for 15 minutes this week and eat 975 cals over your ranges and you're making progress. and that is progress. the next week you can maintain that, or increase your workout to 20 minutes for the week and only eating 950 cals over your ranges. it's not where you ultimately want to be, but making steps in the right direction makes it easier to continue momentum. and you'll never work out for four hours a week if you can't do fifteen minutes to start. so start where you need to and work up from where you are.

JUSTME9898 Posts: 2,917
10/26/13 2:20 A

I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Each meal is a new meal, anew chance to do it right, my goal for exercise is routine, one minute, just get started and then I will usually make the 10 min goal, so not very thrilling but it isworking

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10/26/13 1:41 A

Aim to make one or two healthier choices today - tomorrow you might find it a bit easier. In time you will be back in the swing of things.

As far as what motivates us is concerned, everyone is different - for some it might be a wedding or holiday, but often those types of goals come and go, and so does the weight loss, as in, the event has gone and the weight goes up. For me, it was wanting/needing to be as healthy as I could be. I worked in the caregiving industry for a lot of years, and tended to those who didn't pay attention to good nutrition or exercise. I didn't want to be one of them.

If you hover your cursor over "Community" in the tool bar, you will see "Secrets of Success" in the drop-down menu - there might be a few in their that gel with you. Also, The articles on Motivation in the Articles drop-down menu will more than likely have some good ideas for you.

Good luck,

DHOLTEN Posts: 20
10/25/13 10:15 A

I have been struggling the last while with everything from food consumption, lack of motivation and energy, plus zero exercise. I am needing to get back on track and would love some ideas from people what they do to stay motivated and find the energy to exercise and plan meals and execute everything. Thanks to anyone who give me feedback as this is a much needed thing.

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