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SHAKESALOT Posts: 1,334
9/29/13 8:49 A

just move

SATTVA Posts: 874
9/29/13 12:57 A

It sounds like you might be interested in taking a morning walk! Wouldn't it be great to get up, take a walk, then get on with the day? It also is very de-stressing to walk to work or home from work -- helps make a transition between the various parts of the day. But maybe the best time to do it is whatever time you would actually do.

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9/29/13 12:30 A

It doesn't matter what time you work out, as long as you're consistent, because if you don't get your eating under control, you won't be able to lose weight. You can't out-exercise a poor diet.

You may want to get into that yet, but it's the single most important piece of the weight loss puzzle, and without it, you're not going to make much progress. You don't have to be a perfect health nut to lose weight, either; but you can't ignore nutrition if you expect to be successful.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
9/28/13 10:47 P

with weight loss good eating habits are 80% of a healthy life style and 10% is the exercise part...the last 10% is genetics. So you have to get your eating right or exercise won't help much. You can't out train a bad diet.

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9/28/13 1:03 P

There's no magic time to exercise... what and when you do it depends on your schedule and what you enjoy.
For me, I get up at 6, do Insanity, shower and eat breakfast... then finish getting ready and head out at 8.

Also, sorry to tell you this, but exercise while overeating isn't going to help you... and walking a full hour of walking will only get you about 150-300 calories depending on how fast you walk. Far better than nothing, but not exactly a huge number if you're not also changing your diet.
To lose a pound a week you need a 500cal deficit. And after assuming a few things on
, I figure you need about 1800 to MAINTAIN your weight. If you eat that much and walk, you'll start to lose about 1/2lb a week.
BUT, if you aren't watching what you eat, you are probably eating 2000+, at which point the only thing walking will do is slow your weight gain.
Again, better than nothing, but might not be what you need to meet your goal.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (202,306)
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9/28/13 12:55 P

You can walk/exercise any time of day. But unfortunately unless you change your eating habits weight loss won't happen.

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9/28/13 12:14 P

So i am 5' 7". I am like 161lbs (i think).. I wanna lose weight. I dont eat healthy sometimes (but lets not get into that just yet).. Now since the mornings are more cooler and crisp.. should i start walking in the mornings? I prefer not to bike. I love walking.. But should i start doing it more espically in the morning so i feel better during the day. What times should i get up and walk? 7am?

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