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Woohoo for getting started again! In my opinion, small baby steps are what works for long-term motivation. It can get really discouraging to throw yourself in head first and not see any results in the first few weeks. Make a few small changes every day, every week and you'll find yourself succeeding. If you slip up on diet... hey! Who cares. Don't beat yourself up over it, tomorrow is a new day to begin anew. If you can only make it through 2, 3, 5, maybe 10 minutes of a workout at the beginning... that's just that many more minutes that you would have been sedentary. You can do it!

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5/3/13 11:00 A

Good job and welcome back!

Don't let your body make excuses for you. I have 2 bad knees (both will be needing surgery) and a bad shoulder that likely does as well. (I was a college athlete)

I do what I can, and if my knees start to ache, I do lower impact exercises for a few weeks until they start feeling better!

You can do this, even walking can be good exercise!

5/3/13 7:30 A

At your meeting with your diabetes educator, do discuss your desire to lose weight. Talk about a healthy calorie range to bring about weight loss. It maybe around 1200-1300. Your educator will probably have exercise ideas as well. Then start weighing and measuring your foods and entering these foods in your nutrition tracker to be sure you are staying within your calorie range.

I know you can do this.

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I agree. Every day is a new day and another opportunity to do better.

Start small. One step at a time.

Have you thought about looking for a SparkPeople accountability buddy. Just somebody you can check in with to give each other "Wooo Hooo's" as you track everything and learn more. Just a thought since you specifically mentioned your cat not being much help. LOL

By the way, I have three, and if I want to make it work, they can keep me active by tossing their little mousies back and forth from one end of the room to the other!!!!

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5/2/13 3:03 P


" I'm going to a diabetes educator next week and I'm now tracking my food..."

This is a fantastic place to start.
Don't feel like it's too late for you to take control of your health.
Start every day with a positive attitude and say to yourself 'I can do this, I'll do my best to make good choices'.
Just chip away at the bad habits, a little at a time, so it doesn't feel overwhelming.

Don't harp on things which hold you back, discover ways to move forward.
Losing weight is 80% nutrition 20% exercise. So putting the emphasis on what you eat is the majority of the battle.

Good luck.

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5/2/13 2:16 P

I can't afford WW E-tools anymore and they weren't working anyway, so I have returned to Spark People. I'm finding out the older you get the tougher it is to lose weight, especially if you are a type 2 diabetic now taking insulin. I've had weight loss surgery (lap band) that didn't work. I'm going to a diabetes educator next week and I'm now tracking my food and hopefully, soon, my exercise here at Spark people. It is hard when you have one replaced knee, one knee that needs replacing and a bad shoulder ravaged by arthritis.

My toughest challenge is motivation since I live alone and my cat is no help at all, lol!
Even a small weight loss this week will help me feel that I have a chance; right now I am not so sure.

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