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12/29/11 12:59 P

@ERICWS... Perhaps? Lol... no I have plenty of friends who love running. I do not. Hence the hatred of the treadmill.

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12/29/11 12:39 P

Am I the only one in the world who LIKES my treadmill workouts?! Everywhere I look everyone talks about how boring they are!!! emoticon

I too enjoy working out- I woke up this morning looking forward to completing my strength training and abs workout I've put together for myself. BUT, I needed to get by that initial hurdle, which is overcoming that slow-down that occurs when the initial motivation of the first 2 weeks wears off.

Which is what the OP said was her problem.

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12/29/11 12:26 P

Two things...

First find something you ENJOY doing! Exercising doesn't mean you have to be on a treadmill or eliptical for 30 minutes every day. In fact, I avoid them because I get bored with them. Coach Nancy had a great suggestion with a fitness class. It is something fun and different and you might even make a couple new friends! I like ST workousts because I can see myself get better!! That is motivation to me.

Second... I strongly recommend finding a workout buddy. This person may or may not actually work out at the same time as you, but someone you can even just talk about it with. You can push each other or even make some friendly competition out of it!! I have a buddy who we always compain about our once a week Bootcamp class... but we both know we wouldn't miss it!

One more thing... I love to do my warm-up to Lady GaGa's Edge of Glory! It's 5-minutes, upbeat and somewhat motivating!! :)

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
12/29/11 12:12 P

Just do something that you can stick to. When I was trying to get to the gym more regularly, I often didn't want to go after a long day of work, so I'd make a deal with myself: Just GO to the gym, and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and if that's all I wanted to do, I could go home, with no guilt, and at least I got some walking in. Usually, once I got to the gym, I'd end up doing more like 45 minutes or an hour, and the more routine it became, the less I had to bargain with myself to get there and do my workouts. Remember that 5 minutes of exercise is better than 0, so don't make it an all or nothing proposition. If you can get up and walk around the block, or do some jumping jacks during a TV commercial, that is better than nothing, and might lead to taking a longer walk, or popping in an exercise DVD.

It sounds to me like you end up quitting right before you get over the "hump" and start feeling the benefits of exercising and having it become an ingrained habit. Maybe try getting a calendar, putting it where you'll see it every day, and give yourself a gold star or something on the calendar for each day that you do your workout. Then set up a reward for yourself (not food!) like new workout clothes or something, once you've stuck to your schedule for say, 8 weeks.

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12/29/11 11:52 A

I find that the key to this issue is to treat exercise like something that you wouldn't consider not doing, like brushing your teeth. You don't spend a lot of time thinking about brushing your teeth, do you? You don't think, you just do it.

For me, exercise is a part of my everyday routine. I know, depending on the day, what time I'm working out and what I'm doing so that when it's time I just do it.

Don't give yourself an out. Don't give yourself a chance to change your mind. Turn off your brain and let your body take over.

Honestly, I love to work out and I look forward to that "me time". Exercise for me is a way to stay sane. When I hear people say that they dread it or don't enjoy it I tend to think that they just haven't found the right thing for them yet. Always keep experimenting and trying new things. Hopefully, you'll come across the thing that makes your heart sing and you wouldn't dream of missing it!

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12/29/11 11:48 A

This might sound rather strange, but I find that not being motivated actually motivates me! I visualize myself being finished and that also motivates me. Plus, Sparkpeople is a motivator just by being here for us.

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12/29/11 11:40 A

PS- being motivate for a couple of weeks? No offense, but anyone can do that. What you need to do is force yourself to keep exercising, and stay vigilant diet-wise, AFTER the novelty of those 2 motivated weeks wears off.

That's where the New Year's resolution people fail - they lose motivation and quit.

I lost my motivation after 2-3 weeks dozens of times over the years, and failed. 2 years ago, i started and promptly lost my motivation about 2 weeks in. But this time I kept forcing myself to get up and exercise, even w/o any motivation. I plodded along and fought through the lack of motivation, and then I got motivated again when I saw the health benefits. I've been motivated ever since.

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12/29/11 11:36 A

To the OP- it looks like you've set your goal. You list the amount of weight loss you desite in your tracker.

That should be all the motivation you need. Nobody feels full of energy and raring to go every day. You need to just suck it up and get on the tradmill, or turn on the exercise DVD, or go to the gym, or walk out the door.

You won;'t get anywhere unless you do that. Just get moving!

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12/29/11 10:33 A

I tell myself that it doesn't matter if I just trudge along on the treadmill once I get to the gym. Or, if it takes me 1.5hrs to walk my 5k. Just so long as I get out there to do it. Just doing it is what matters.

Usually I find that once I get to the gym, or I get outside to walk, I find myself motivated to push myself at least a little if not full bore.

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12/29/11 10:31 A

@ DEBJAE: That's a great idea!

DEBJAE Posts: 2,801
12/29/11 10:29 A

I also had an alarm/reminder on my cell phone in the beginning that would go off every day at the same time to workout AND log onto Sparkpeople. It was like an appointment I had to keep. I took it off after about 8 weeks and I was naturally in the habit.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
12/29/11 10:05 A

When I first started working out, whenever I didn't feel like it, I'd remind myself I have to. Now it's become so engrained that when I don't feel like it every now and again, I have to tell myself it's okay. But I made myself go daily until it became a habit. Exercising makes a person feel & look good; that's another good reminder.

LISADAWN1312 Posts: 288
12/29/11 9:54 A

I am always motivated when I remember how it used to feel to be tired and heavy...I am still heavy, but I always feel better than I used to.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
12/29/11 9:38 A

I'm motivated by remembering how good it feels to be done. A lot of days I don't want to work out and strangely enough those days are the ones where I do my best!

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12/29/11 9:25 A


How about setting some goals? Goal setting and then working on meeting them is considered one of the biggest motivators in keeping us moving in the direction we are meant to be heading in, health and fitness-wise.

For me planning my race schedule and then paying for the events well in advance helps to keep me motivated. Or joining a fitness class where I know my girlfriends expect me to show up is another huge motivator.

Just a few thoughts...

Coach Nancy

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12/29/11 8:40 A

I am not at all motivated to START working out because of a specific song. I don't need to be particularly motivated to work out, it is just something I do every day whether I feel like it or not. If I don't work out, I don't reach my goals, I don't need to have a personal battle every day about whether or not I am going to move my arse. After a week or so of that argument, it got really old.

DEBJAE Posts: 2,801
12/29/11 8:33 A

It really is a personal choice as far as motivational music goes. What type of music do you prefer? Are there certain songs when you hear it on the radio you just can't sit still? I have a mix of upbeat Country, Rock and Contemporary Christian music that gets me going.

Periodically, I'll look through the workout dvd's on collage video's website to see what looks appealing to me. I always get excited about trying a new workout and by adding to my dvd arsenal at home, this helps me stay motivated.

I recently made TWO motivational boards to put in separate areas of my home that way, I always see at least one of them to remind me to stay active and see the results I want to achieve.

I also have a calendar in my kitchen with motivational sayings (for example, the Nike ads) next to it to remind me not to skip a workout. I also have a pen there to write down what I do for exercise every day. It serves as a mental reminder when I see it, as in 'yoo hoo, get off your butt' emoticon

I can't stress enough keeping up with Spark...I'm on here every day logging my nutrition and my fitness. I blog, I get on the message boards, I comment on other peoples blogs, etc. Offering your own support will help motivate you as well.

It's really about paying attention to what works best for you. If you feel like you're getting bored with your routine, then change it! Don't wait until two weeks of nothing have passed...seize the moment!

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12/28/11 11:56 P

Is there anything you guys do, i.e. blast a specific song, etc. to really get you motivated to workout when you REALLY don't feel like it?! I find this is the issue with me when I try to start losing weight...I'll be motivated for a couple weeks but then I start to lose motivation so I am just wondering what you guys do so I know what to do before I get in that mood! Any tips would be great! Thanks!

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