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STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
12/6/08 8:45 A

hi there and congratz! yea try drinking eight glasses of water. also idk if you have a gym or park or anything near you or if you have any dvd/vidoes of different work outs. or if you have comcast there is a sports and fitness section on there that gives you plenty of workouts its ON DEMAND. also if you do have a gym near you try to do alot of cardio and also free weights that will help you. good lucki!

2009ISMYYEAR Posts: 3
12/5/08 3:38 P

Thanks. I've been trying very hard to drink 8 glasses and stay with in the calorie amount. I've found it's dinner when I blow it so I'm working on eating lighter through out the day so dinner's not so damaging.

Thanks for the support!

LINAQ5 Posts: 277
12/3/08 3:39 P

Hi and congrats!
I would start out small. Make small goals liek drinking 8 glasses of water a day, or walking 1 mile everyday. This way u can work up to bigger goals like losing 2lbs a week (which is what is normal and healthy).
Watch your calories and stick to the calorie range that Spakr gave you. Also start excersising. If this is new start small, again maybe just walking 30 minutes a day is better than just sitting and not doing anything. Eventually u will start doing more!

Lastly you will look beautiful no matter what on your wedding day so don't worry about what u will look in pictures. Everyone is happy and radiant on that day and it will show no matter what size you are!

Good luck!

2009ISMYYEAR Posts: 3
12/3/08 1:47 P

I'm getting married next March and am NOT looking forward to the pictures I'll be in. Any tips on how to buckle down and lose as much as possible before the wedding?

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