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3/20/13 12:42 A

Thank you.

Eating like that was a normal part of my diet before, but I hadn't had it for 3 months prior to Sunday.

I will try to cook more in bulk for the days I've worked hard unpacking and organizing.

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3/20/13 12:37 A

How exciting - organizing your new house :-)

Now, where it comes to the 'lazy' and 'tired' have you been eating properly while doing all this hard work from shifting? I note that you mention the McDonald's, but is this type of food, or processed carbs regardless of takeouts, a normal part of your diet? IF so, then this could be part of the problem. Ensure that the bulk of your carbs are from good sources, i.e. whole-grains, fruit/veges, even yoghurt/milk. Ensure that you get plenty of fruit/veges and try to make them a rainbow of colour to ensure that you are getting a good mix of vitamins etc. Also ensure that you are getting good quality protein from NON-processed meats, eggs, and beans etc. This should help you with your energy and also to help repair muscle tissue that you acquire when exercising or carting furniture etc. around.

It may be that with all that you have been doing lately you are just plain exhausted, but once you have been able to relax your mind/body, you will start to feel more energized.

My suggestion - first opportunity, bulk cook a few healthy meals - casseroles, soups, etc. so that you have healthy 'go to' food for when you are tired again. Then it just needs a quick zap. I do it all the time, and freeze them in individual serves - makes my non-busy life MUCH easier :-)

Kris xx

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3/19/13 11:38 P

I am beginning to want to take naps instead of working out even though I get enough sleep at night, (Doctor said I need 9 hours), then when I wake up after a nap, I am too groggy to want to to anything for hours! I will mindlessly eat, though, it is usually when I am in need of a meal, it just isn't always as healthy as it should be. Lately I've been giving in to cravings. I ate a McDonald's snack wrap, large french fries, and a drink on Sunday on the way to the house we are moving out of. Given the circumstances I hadn't been able to prepare meals because our gas wasn't turned on yet, but I wish I had gotten a Subway sandwich or something healthier. I am just using the excuse that I've been working so hard to allow myself to eat BAD again.. While moving all week, I've been working really hard, even skipping workouts because I've been running myself into the ground and hurting every night. I think I'm just tired from the move, but I feel like I'm beginning to get into bad habits again. The gas is on now, so I know I don't have any excuse not to cook right now, but I don't feel like it, I'm tired!
I've been soaking in the bathtub with magnesium bath salts almost every night when I have the aches due to the move, I've taken advil, and I've been drinking lots of water, and I worked out really well yesterday. But today was another lazy day. Any suggestions to get back my energy and motivation again?

By the way, there's still plenty of things to organize in my new house, so the adjustment to the move is not over yet! Ahh...

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