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Would love any advice--or even just support--from anyone on here who has attempted to deal with doctors at all during their weight loss journey...

I've been following the Spark program for more than 8 months now (cutting down from 2,000+ calories per day to roughly 1200 now and working up to 5-6 45-60 minute workouts a week, including both cardio and weights) and wasn't seeing much (or any) results other than feeling better/healthier (my family has a history with eating disorders so I had consciously chosen to stay away from the scale and do this for how I feel, not the number).

During that time, I obtained health insurance for the first time in many years and decided a trip to a GP was probably in order to see if there was anything I was doing wrong or any medical reasons behind my lack of success - especially since I was experiencing many of the other classic side effects of a thyroid or adrenal issue (cold all the time, foggy-brain, brittle nails, prone to overly emotional bouts). To be clear, I wasn't looking for a quick fix - just wanting to make sure I'm doing all I can to finally see some success and live healthier.

My first GP definitely agreed something was "off" - that after going through everything I was tracking/monitoring on Spark that I should be losing weight. However, thyroid/cortisol/metabolism tests all came back "basically" normal so she referred me to her colleague as he specialized in the area. Well, I just got back from that appointment, where he gave me a long sales pitch on a) a meal replacement program he co-chairs, b) a weight-loss clinic he's about to run and c) if all else fails, surgery is always an option. When I expressed concerns that I already was eating around what the meal replacement program would call for and not seeing results, or concerns over doing something drastic like surgery and not seeing results, he brushed me off - there was never any explanation for WHY I was struggling to lose weight (or having other symptoms) just that he was "very positive" I would see results on HIS programs.

I'm not on here asking for anyone to analyze why I'm not seeing success - I am fully aware that there are a number of reasons, ranging from human error (although I do measure just about everything I consume now) to an older stubborn metabolism now that I'm on the wrong side of 30. And if any of the doctors I've seen would just tell me that, I probably wouldn't be as frustrated as I am right now. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with doctor's - or even better, if anyone has had a GOOD experience and can recommend a type of doctor to look for, or the right questions to ask. I'm not saying I'm 100% against doing meal replacements or even a clinic (although I have horrible anxiety and group situations like that are typically very trying) - but I'd really love to find a doctor who actually listens to me and find a program that both works and will be sustainable for the years to come.

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