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3/12/14 12:52 A

Actually, cycling is probably more forgiving of a few extra pounds than most other activities. Generally speaking, you are working against wind resistance, rather than gravity. Stay off the steep hills (where gravity does come into play), and you will be fine.

As a consumer item, most bike frames are pretty robust and overengineered. Regardless of weight, it is pretty rare to see a broken frame other than as the result of crash. You will be fine.

For your first ride, perhaps deliberately aim at a relatively short ride - say 5 to 8 miles. When you feel comfortable with that, push for a bit longer next time.


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3/11/14 10:56 P

A bike(frame) will take a lot weight. What won't take a lot of weight is the Wheels if you hit a pot hole. Count the spokes on your bike the more spokes the better. You probably should have at least 32 spokes on the rear. The other thing is that you want your tires pumped up enough so that you don't get pinch flats. Have you ever been measured on you bike? What kind of bike do you have? When was the last time it was tuned up.

What condition are your tires in? You don't want to ride on rotted tires as they could blow out on downhills. Look for lots of small cracks along the sidewalls. This is called dry rotted and can be very dangerous.

Hope that helps it would help us if you could post what type of bike you have.


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3/11/14 10:47 P

Start out slow and real close to home. I wouldn't be embarrassed because I have the opinion that if someone is criticizing me for not being able to do my whole workout, they are just being ridiculous. We all have to do what we can when we can. We all start out crawling before we walk and we stumble and fall too. So, good for you and keep up the good work! You can do it! emoticon

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3/11/14 3:32 P

Call the company and ask, or do a quick Google search for the bike you have (or for one that is very similar). You may be able to find out about the weight limits. How long has it been since you last rode your bike? I had gone 14 years without riding my bike, but had gotten on the stationary bike (or one that was very similar - spin bike, etc.) at the gym. I found that I couldn't get out and ride for 30 to 45 minutes in one ride. I was doing well to do 15 or 20 minutes at a time. I'm still working to build up some endurance, but part of the problem has been the weather and the fact that there are a lot of hills in my neighborhood, but I digress.

Someone once said, "You never forget how to ride a bike" or something similar. It sounds like you are more concerned about the weight limits, so I'd start with figuring that out first. My second suggestion would be to make sure your bike has a comfortable seat. I had a new seat put on my bike, one that was a little bigger since the one that was there would've made my backside very uncomfortable for longer rides. Of course, I'm not trying to be some competitive cyclist. I just want to enjoy riding my bike and get a good workout without having to stop because parts of my body are uncomfortable.

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3/11/14 3:18 A

First - welcome back to the wonderful world of cycling!

When I first "got back into" riding, I was around 250(ish) pounds. If you have concerns about the weight limit of your bike, I would google the product information and see what you come up with.

I have noticed "most" bikes have a weight limit between 275-300 pounds roughly. That is not to say yours may be higher or lower.

I wish you the best of luck! Happy riding!

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3/10/14 5:08 P

Hi, JJSUNSHINE! Welcome back to bicycling. I don't know what type of bicycle you ride or what your weight is, but if you're really in doubt, call your local bike shop and ask your questions. You will get a lot of different answers, opinions, and advice here, and some advice may not be accurate.

I am overweight also, and I cycle several times a week. I just started cycling again last year. I had not been on a bicycle for many years. Yes, I look like a big circus bear on a tiny bicycle, but that's better than looking like a big circus bear sitting on a sofa, eating junk food and being miserable. I'm not phased by the critics and the jerks! And the best bonus of all is that I'm becoming stronger and more fit every day. I love it!!

Riding with one or two friends is fun for me, but I don't think I'm quite ready to ride on big group rides, as I wouldn't want to slow down the group or be dropped because I couldn't keep up, so I'm okay to cycle alone most of the time...always letting my family or friends know my route. I have set goals, however, to participate in women's only cycling events (different than a "group ride"), and I'm out there working toward those goals. This gives me a target.

I would strongly recommend that you incorporate other types of workouts, such as gym sessions, into your routine. You will need to build strength in every part of your body in order to enjoy and thrive on your bicycle rides.

Good luck, AND HAVE FUN meeting your goals! emoticon

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3/10/14 4:35 P

Ok so I have always been a fair weather rider and with spring around the corner (in my part of the world) and the sun shining, I am excited about getting back on my bike! The problem is that I have gained weight since last summer and I am scared to get back onto my bike. Scared because I have no idea what the weight capacity of my bike is and I know I would feel completely embarrased if I bailed on my first ride out ...becasue of my added weight. Feeling really caught in how to approach this situation. Have tried looking online for weight capacities for bikes and can't seem to find appropriate / consistent information. :( Help !?

From a girl who just wants out of a nasty cycle ... (pun intended ;)
Thanks in advance for tips / advice.

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