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4/17/12 1:13 P

Things are looking up- I stayed within my calories yesterday YAY! Working on today- I get another day or two under my belt and I will consider myself truly back on track lol!

4/17/12 9:30 A

I went on vacation a month ago, and me and my DH came back 10 lbs heavier. Oops! Thoroughly enjoyed myself I guess. I did come back home, and joined a fit program at work. In less than 1 month, I have lost 13.5 lbs. You can do it too. The support & competition at work helps tremendously, especially when there is $ involved (I'm not gonna lie). If you need extra support, stop by my spark page and let me know. Good luck!

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4/16/12 1:12 P

I made through lunch- whew! Now the afternoon is next. I have a snack planned at 4pm (my preworkout snack) before hitting the gym but I know I am going it want it at like 2.

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4/16/12 12:17 P

Yes I did enjoy myself as a matter of fact! It was a great time.- thanks for asking! We went to the Big Island of Hawaii. I am a bit remorseful of the time I lost to lose but it happens- but I am not going to dwell on it. I have goals to reach before my son graduates so here we go.

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4/16/12 11:41 A

Hey, Lisa ! Did you have a good time while you were on vacation ? As long as you were mindful of your portions, you didn't derail your efforts at good health in any way. Shoot, I just came back from Amsterdam. Do you know how much cheese I ate ? I wasn't refusing good cheese ! or butter !

Well, I enjoyed my time on vacation and now I'm home back to my routine. You started a routine prior to your vacation, you do your best to get back to that routine. Healthy people can and do enjoy themselves on vacation. Some times, they even go a little wild ! LOL !!!! But, they come home and return to routine.

So, don't worry ! You just slowly get back into that healthy routine you created for yourself before you went on vacation. a person should be able to indulge once in a while.

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4/16/12 10:59 A

You are right- I do have it in me! An hour till lunch and I am positively NOT hungry right now. So I'm holding out. It would be different if i was hungry then I would allow myself something.

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4/16/12 10:48 A

Hi Lisa.

You can so do this! In fact, I bet you'll be surprised at how good it feels to get back on the horse, so to speak.
On Easter, I just decided that yes, I was going to enjoy the See's chocolate eggs. Boy, did I. Like a prisoner on her last meal!
Point being, in nine mo, I hadn't done anything remotely on that scale and Monday morning, I was back on it. It felt GREAT to know that yes, I can decide to indulge for a day and then BAM! get back to what I know will work.
You can do it, too!! You have done SO WELL, so you KNOW you have it in you.

Re: the mindless eating: I'm just like you. That's what got me where I was before Spark.
Now, while I do try to be more mindful, I also play to my weakness by allowing "mindless" eating of pre-cut veggies. I bag up three days worth at a time, and can either be at my desk or in the car doing the mindless eating thing. Hey - if I get more veggies in, that's a good thing!

Good luck and hope you had a great vacation!

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4/16/12 10:19 A

Awww Nancy, you made me smile! I have also been overwhelmed getting my house ready for my son's graduation! I have a lot of catching up on here to do.

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
4/16/12 10:12 A

Hi, Lisa! I sure know how you feel. After an entire life of thinking of food as fun, relaxation, relief, etc., etc., etc. I know how easy it is to slip back into that. Sigh. The cure for mindlessness, I tell myself, is to be deliberately mindful about my choices - the old slow down, pay attention thing. Hard work some days! But it does work, and if I apply it regularly, it actually gets to be a habit. Given how long the old habit was established, I fear it will always be stronger! But practice makes better (npt perfect; just better!) If you feel sorry for yourself or are beating yourself up for the vacation lapse, try being upbeat, humor yourself along as you settle back into a healthy eating program. Gently and lightly works for me. So, you lapsed on vacation. NOT the end of your program, just a digression! Back on, but don't try to make up for lost time! Hope that helps! Feel free to Spark Mail me to check out my Page - I log on daily looking for encouragement! Take care and Spark ON!

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4/16/12 10:08 A

Glad to have you back Lisa! Missed seeing you around the message boards and your AWESOME advice!

Coach Nancy

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4/16/12 10:05 A

So my vacation got me a little (or maybe a lot) derailed on my eating. I am getting back on track today and would appreciate encouraging words! I am a mindless snacker and got back into that bad habit on vacation. So here's to making it to lunch...

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