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GOTIGER49 SparkPoints: (93)
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5/29/13 1:53 P

Good for you! Keep up the good work! I've been strength training for my back and now I have gotten the green light to start the cardio. Starting out is always the hardest.

222NICHOLE SparkPoints: (9,845)
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5/29/13 11:53 A

The hardest part of working out is always getting up and getting there but once you get moving, it always feels amazing and you never regret it when you are done. Great job for going this morning! Keep up the good work!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
5/29/13 12:36 A

Don't quit.

MRSRIGS1 SparkPoints: (128,659)
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5/28/13 12:51 P

emoticon It is so hard to give up sleep especially to get up and exercise. But, wonderful for you for doing it! Keep up the good work!

BSUNSHINE2012 SparkPoints: (1,458)
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5/28/13 11:04 A

I am taking this weight-loss journey one day at a time. Today I completed a 60-minute circuit boot camp class at my gym. To be honest, I wanted to make an excuse to not go this morning since I woke up so early and felt that I needed to get more rest. However, after having finished the class I feel wonderful. I will rest later if I need to :) One day down 4 more to go.


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