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2MOMMY2 Posts: 39
11/10/10 1:43 P

Thank you all for your replies... I really do appreciate it.
I am going to check out the Cuisinart Griddler and then make make my decision.
Have a great day!!

DIANE7786 Posts: 5,069
11/7/10 11:53 P

I have a Cuisinart Griddler, which is similar to Foreman's. It has interchangable plates, I use it nearly every day.

CATHRINE2010 Posts: 459
11/7/10 8:27 P

I love my George Foreman Grill it is the family size. The plates are removable and easy to clean. I can cook all kinds of stuff in it. Salmon Burgers cook great as you do not need to flip them. I can also cook a small roast in it ( I cut it in half) this worked good instead of luncheon meat. I would go wit as big as a model that will fit on your counter as You Will Use it!! emoticon

RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (51,883)
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Posts: 3,239
11/7/10 6:19 P

I have one of the original models. I don't have a problem cleaning it, so I'm ok with mine. It's big enough to cook for 2 and it's easy to use.

CORKY41289 Posts: 18
11/7/10 10:37 A

I have a single setting George Foreman, I wish I would have gotten the one like my moms with the removeable plates, and a setting control dial. I often have troubles with mine being to hot for some items.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
11/7/10 8:44 A

I had one of the old ones without removable plates and got rid of it as well as it was too hard to clean.

I would get the size that fits how many people are in your family. If it's just you, I'd get the smaller one. If you want to grill hamburgers or some other meat and have it all done at the same time for you and other members of the family, then I'd get a larger one.

It also depends upon your storage space.

11/7/10 4:35 A

I've only got a small one so I can't help you with the model. I never thought cleaning was a problem. The plates are non stick and I have had mine for three years now and it still looks perfect. I cook sausages on it, meat burgers as well as bean burgers and quesadillas. I use it for anything that can be grilled basically.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
11/6/10 8:16 A

i didn't even know they had them w/removable grates. i have an old one and it is a pain in the neck to clean. i only cook thin sliced chicken breast on it marinated in soy sauce, catsup, vinegar and spices. my mom makes london broil on hers but she has a much larger one. i also have made quesadillas on it. came out yummy

2MOMMY2 Posts: 39
11/5/10 8:28 P

I am ready to purchase a George Foreman grill but now there are so many to choose from I just don't know which one to get. I would like one with removable plates, as my last one did not have them and it ended up in the trash because of that (long story - lol).
I would love to hear your recommendations and perhaps some cool recipes. We are a family of 4... two adults, two children, so it can't be a small one.
Thank you in advance!!

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