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12/2/12 12:15 P

Like the other posters, I've no suggestions about the effect on gastric bypass.

As far as adding protein powder to a recipe, what kind of protein makes up the powder may affect how it works in the recipe.

Soy, being a legume, would probably act more somewhat a flour in terms of blending and cooking, but whey, coming from milk, probably reacts very differently; I know from adding it to warm liquids, it gets very glutinous very quickly.

And then, there's the question of additives....I always buy pure protein powders at a health food store (in bulk) but if you are using proprietary products, you might want to explore the other ingredients before you cook with the powder. Some powders are specifically and uniquely formulated for addition to cold liquid as a smoothy. Others may be more flexible.

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12/2/12 5:16 A

As far as the question in general, When I have used milk powder in a recipe that didn't call for it, I always took out a little of the flour but not as much. I would imagine that the same would apply here. It was never the same amount because flour has some properties that the milk powder doesn't have. I don't know what is advised or advised against re someone who has had a Gastric Bypass, so don't know if it is advisable.


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12/1/12 10:24 P

I've never used protein powder in a recipe, nor do I know how it may affect someone that has had a Gastric Bypass, so I'm not sure. But you may want to try posting this in the Diet and Nutrition forum to get better/more answers to your question:

Coach Denise

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12/1/12 9:22 P

I wanted to know if I add protein powder to a recipe that does not call for it should i just add it or take another ingredient out??

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