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6/20/14 4:50 P

Hi! We chatted on SP before, I'm in Toronto too! I've done the Waterfront twice but only the 5K, what a great race!

Thank you for your feedback!

Can you see this? It looks like I was running in Lake Ontario, and over buildings! If you can't see it, I ran from my gym near Union Station then back and forth across Harbourfront a few times. There are a lot of high buildings where I started but not so much at Harbourfront. I'm heartbroken because it was about the best run I ever did, I think! I took a couple short walking breaks and I felt strong! I'm trying to get my endurance and confidence up to do a HM!

I love that's near work, I go to the gym to change then take my run down by the Lake and back to the gym for weights and a's fun and easy! But now I'm reluctant because of inaccurate data.

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running in urban areas, heavily wooded, cloudy/foggy conditions can all affect satellites. Sorry, there's no way to be 100% accurate with your route/pace. Most of the time I take my Garmin readout as gospel, but I know it's not 100%.

here's an example of when my satellites got REALLY messed up due to tall buildings. Unfortunately it was during a race.

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6/20/14 2:13 P

Hi! Last night I went on a great run! I was watching my Garmin and I really felt I was running faster than it was showing. I uploaded the map and the satellites were showing that I was all over the area, but far from my actual route. So being off by several meters for 45 minutes is why my pace and time were way off. I guess the distance was way off too!

Anyway...I've tried Googling for a solution ... one person said to change settings to make sure I have several satellites locked for before I start running. I'll do that next time! I want an accurate record of my progress!

Just venting!

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