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WEST2684 Posts: 1
9/6/12 7:26 A

I was just telling a friend of mine the exact same thing on tuesday. I need to make major changes! Since I lost my good paying job and really have to scratch by now I CAN'T let food go uneaten! My friends refer to me a 'depression child'. I've gained 30 lbs and don't have any clothes left that fit properly. HOW DO WE STOP!!
Thank you for the inspiration and the knowledge that I'm not ALONE!!!

Wishing you well,

KIMMIG133 SparkPoints: (11,190)
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Posts: 1,089
9/6/12 7:24 A

This sounds SO like me also! I can't seem to just throw something away so I will eat it to get it gone!

MARYRUN1 SparkPoints: (48,941)
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Posts: 63
9/6/12 7:24 A

Great post !!! I do the same thing and I always feel awful :( thank you so much for sharing. A great way to start the day..... With a SPARK !!! :)

9/6/12 7:24 A

Thank you Thank you. I too have done this more times than I like to think about. Due to an unusually stressful situation in my life at the moment I've been reaching to food for comfort. Last night I was at an all time low and I prayed for something to give me strength and there you were this morning. Keep up the good work.

MISSILENE SparkPoints: (63,957)
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Posts: 5,014
9/6/12 7:22 A

This is exactly the way I feel about my body. I try to help others to realize this. Thanks. emoticon

KAYATLANTA2010 Posts: 484
9/6/12 7:22 A

You show courage and care for yourself by sharing your honesty. Thank you for your example of choosing to correct and move forward.

9/6/12 7:22 A

I so did the same thing yesterday! I had purchased a box of cereal for my grand daughter who is two (it's the kind with little marshmallows). I knew when I bought it, I would have trouble staying away from it myself, but bought it anyway. She doesn't like it (good girl)! So instead of just throwing it away, I have been eating it away. Yesterday, I decided that it no longer needed to be in the pantry, so I began eating what was left! EW....

Thank you so much for the visualization of what I was using my body for... a trash can! Now it's a choice, do I continue to treat myself that way or do I resist that impulse to have to eat even when I don't like it, need it or want it. Food is such a necessary thing yet can become such a struggle.

9/6/12 7:15 A

I too many times over have eaten just to eat and can't seem to stop even when I know its wrong. At times to the point of making myself ill.

I will take your story and try and grow from it. Thank you for sharing!


CYPATAYLOR2 Posts: 109
9/6/12 7:14 A

I think all of us has done this at least once in their life time. I know I have. It does seem disgusting now. But we get through it because we recognize it and we start anew. You have done all of this and started over. That is great. Just take it one day at a time and you will get through it and reach your goal. Good luck!

RADWA_RABIE SparkPoints: (485)
Fitness Minutes: (282)
Posts: 1
9/6/12 7:12 A

Yes, your body is a miracle and not a garbage can! thanks for the motivation..i know what u are talking about...trying to fight it myself...I am still early on and have not advanced any of my goals substantially yet as almost all members here, but messages like this keep the energy going...bless u

9/6/12 7:09 A

I know just what you are talking about. I'm so pleased that you realize this. I'm sure it will help you make better choices. I find it helps to really fill up on greens. I promise myself that I can have the brownies if I want them, so long as I first eat a whole bag of frozen spinach. Most times I don't want the brownies after that. I don't know if it's because of the fiber or the nutrition, or if it's just because I took myself out of that helpless robot "must eat the garbage" mentality. You'll see, you've shone some light and it will be different from now on.

CARLAB140 Posts: 2
9/6/12 7:08 A

what a valuable insight! You go girl!

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,926
9/6/12 7:07 A

Love this part: My body is an amazing work that responds fairly quickly and positively to care and nourishment.

GREYSQUIRREL42 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 6
9/6/12 7:02 A

I too have done this! You feel terrible after but somehow it still happens. I have tried to just not buy the things that I know will get me in trouble, easier said than done. Especially when you are buying things for school lunches! I am just starting my journey to a healthier me. Never quit trying and good job for recognizing your patterns. Keep up the good work!

SANDRALEET Posts: 7,805
9/6/12 6:52 A

I now whot you mean WE all do it or we would not be on this sight

DARTH-DIETER SparkPoints: (32,618)
Fitness Minutes: (47,019)
Posts: 53
9/6/12 6:40 A

Great post! The emotons that drive the behavior, which I share with you, are complex. That said, a big piece of the puzzle is the behavior is self destructive. Find your love for yourself as well as addressing the other practical things like don't keep certain foods in the house at all.

9/6/12 6:37 A

Thankyou for this. You told my story and also gave me a visual about it. I certainly will remember these words of wisdom when this feeling arrives agian. Agian Thankyou and keep up the good work. Namaste.

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SLCJAC Posts: 5
9/6/12 6:30 A

I really liked your post and reading it was an excellent sart to the day. The next time I'm under stress and low on self esteem I'm going to remember your words that I am not a garbage can.

9/6/12 6:29 A

Thank you!! I was literally just about to do the same thing- I started to clear out the fridge (onto my plate) and returned to start on the sweet items - lucky I logged on and put the plate down!! It is an amazing that you have managed to cultivate that level of self awareness.I just hope I can develop the self discipline it takes to break this pattern!

CAMAEL100 SparkPoints: (27,996)
Fitness Minutes: (6,287)
Posts: 2,445
9/6/12 6:29 A

Been there done that!!!! Nearly did it last night. Just stopped myself.

Waste it, don't waist it!!!!

CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
9/6/12 6:24 A

I have not experienced this for about 6 months. My last issue was when my MIL was diagnosed with Diabetes and we decided to get all the sugar out of the house so she would not have items readily available that were high in sugar other than natural fruit juices. We made up all the cookies , cakes, brownies ETC... then we gave them away but before we did I had to sample each one as if i had never made them before or the recipe had changed somehow(dumb idea). Now my biggest problem as of the last month has been that when my son who is 10 does not finish all his meal I take stuff off his plate and eat it without tracking in food journal. It is all vegan and healthy but i should be logging the nibbles and tastes too. or just throwing it out.

9/6/12 6:22 A

Wish those mind tricks work for me but they don't! So I tell myself to do a binge detour. ... Sometimes it works but often times it doesn't ...the best is still tracking down my food as i tend to scrimp on my available carbo for the day and if I Reach the limit or close it, I just douse my cravings with water or with soaked oats and a bit of raisins....sigh....

MSBILLYIDOL SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
9/6/12 6:14 A

In response to your memo, I will always ask myself " DO I want to waste it or wear it referring to food?

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GARDENCHRIS SparkPoints: (456,759)
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Posts: 17,136
9/6/12 6:12 A

wow what a stark visual image! Thank You!

1HOTTAMALE Posts: 39
9/6/12 6:11 A

wow, that's so how i feel! this morning I was cutting the top of a cake to level it, was about to shovel it in my mouth( i make cakes on the side and 12 out of 13 times the scraps end up in my mouth instead of the trash) but for some wonderful reason I put the cake in a container for my spouse. then feeling good about that, i read this blog- wow what an omen!!!!!!!!! lets keep the thought fresh and in front where we need it!! best of luck to you!

MOMOF2GREMLINS SparkPoints: (54,265)
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Posts: 3,133
9/6/12 6:09 A


HISCHILDREN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
9/6/12 6:08 A

Thank you for having the courage to be transparent.

9/6/12 6:08 A

Good job. You can do it. Excellent renewal of your self image. I find I make this mistake too but I know that its not good for me so I try try again to resist.

9/6/12 6:04 A

Great mental trick!

MAD4MUSIC SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
9/6/12 6:00 A

Thank you! This resonates with me totally! As a recovering food addict (one day at a time) I have found myself "chipping away" at foods that shouldn't pass my threshold much less my lips. Your courageous sharing has given me a great image to focus on: garbage can! My body is NOT a garbage can. Thank you, again. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself and those you love. From mad4music (former Bronx and Manhattan gal now living in Sydney, Australia).

SUUKIINI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (140)
Posts: 1
9/6/12 5:59 A

I could have been the author of your message. How many times have I done what you did? Too many to count. I have stuffed past the point of satiation and then felt uncomfortable. I guess at this point the Romans would purge and start again.
What I'm trying to do recently is allow myself the chocolate covered almonds, or chips and dip...funny how the volume of what I eat has diminished when I haven't denied myself.
Perhaps the psychology of restriction is what has set me up for these what you describe as garbage can events.
I like the image.
Thank you for your post.

9/6/12 5:44 A

Doing great! Now I just have one question: How did you get in my kitchen last night lol.. I did the same thing!! Now to rethink things and follow through as you did. HUGS

MOLO14 SparkPoints: (10,637)
Fitness Minutes: (9,671)
Posts: 44
9/6/12 5:42 A

So true... Somehow though, I find I lose all sense of rationale come nighttime :(
In the morning it is easier to see things more clearly!

9/6/12 5:29 A

Congratulations on having this insight into your behavior, it really resonated with me.

Lets all give our bodies what they really need!

THEIS58 SparkPoints: (154,728)
Fitness Minutes: (50,315)
Posts: 5,250
9/6/12 5:29 A

Moderation in all things is so wise and so very hard to do

9/6/12 5:28 A

For much of my childhood, food was rationed - I wonder if you can imagine that? You were allowed only a limited quantity of food per person, although fruit and veg were not rationed and children and expectant mothers got extra. A British adult got two ounces of butter per week, for example. As a child I learned never to throw food away, and I still don't, unless it's off. I use the freezer if I can eat it soon, and try not to keep cakes, sweets and biscuits in the house - because they always call to me, especially in the evening...

9/6/12 5:22 A

I am SO standing right there with you, "cleaning" the cabinets. I've had an unbearably stressful week, and I've probably put four pounds on "getting rid" of junk that I shouldn't have had in the first place.

It seems to me that when we are under stress, for whatever reason, we revert to our "old me", the old me we thought moved out. It didn't; it's just been waiting in the closet, perhaps behind our fat
ady to pounce.

HUGS. emoticon

ROZEEROZ1 Posts: 24,343
9/6/12 5:22 A

Neat idea of binge eating as treating our bodies as a garbage can. Well done. Food for thought when I want to binge for another time.

9/6/12 5:06 A

Well said!!

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
8/16/12 5:15 P

our minds have a funny way of justifying it to make it ok. So that's what you did last night. I have been known to throw it away instead of eating it. That was my past but now I don't even keep it in the house. If it isn't there I can't eat it.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/16/12 4:13 P

" My body is not a garbage can and I will not treat it as if it were."
Hooray! This is a major realization and you should be proud of yourself for thinking it. So many of us were taught not to "waste" food, and that there are starving kids in other countries, and it's only one more bite so might as well eat it. There is NOTHING WRONG with throwing food away that you don't want to eat - once you decide not to eat it it becomes trash, and you're exactly right that it doesn't belong in your body.

DAYSPRING-STAR SparkPoints: (35,275)
Fitness Minutes: (11,022)
Posts: 1,263
8/16/12 4:10 P

Thank you all for your posts! I didn't realize that I shared my "consume it to get rid of it" tendency with so many others across gender and age groups. I did realize, however, that there is great wisdom and encouragement in the SparkCommunity. Thank you for your insights and inspiration. The more I experience with SparkPeople, the I more I feel that my journey to a healthier lifestyle is not just about me, but now there is a "we." We are SparkPeople, and we will replace old unhealthy tendencies with new healthy habits. We will do this.

BICKEY11 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,133)
Posts: 216
8/14/12 3:22 P

I have to say, i love this post, because i do the same thing. I will eat a box of oreos because in my mind, once they're gone I can't do it again, or whatever, this definitely makes me feel less wierd. But you've also posed another question that we here can't answer. Do you have a binge eating disorder? Food addiction? Emotional Disorder? Boredom Disorder?
One of the smartest things to do, is to NOT HAVE these items around. I know if you don't live alone this can be difficult. The next thing to do is HAVE SOMETHING "yummy" around, so you don't feel deprived. Whatever your thing is. If its ice cream, buy a 6 pack of 100 calorie I.C. Sandwiches. That way, worst case scenario, you binge on them, you're only up 600 calories instead of 2000. Lastly, consider talking to a doctor or psychiatrist. Its one thing to eat a whole bag of chips, but to continue binging for hours, could be a sign something deeper is going on.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
Fitness Minutes: (23,806)
Posts: 1,053
8/14/12 12:39 P

Wow, your opening post sounds exactly what I do sometimes. I call it my self destruction mode, and it is horrible. I'm full past the point of discomfort, and still I eat more. And yes, I have used the justification of eating an entire batch of cookies in one sitting as I want my trigger foods gone. How stupid is that? Glad to see that I'm not the only one who has this problem, and props to you for identifying it and deciding to master it! If you want someone to talk to feel free to pm me. I could use it as well at times.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
8/14/12 12:35 P

Here's another way of looking at things.

When you eat more than you need, what happens to it?

It gets turned into fat.

When you eat things to avoid throwing them in the trash, you're just ending up packing them on your hips! You're still wasting them, because your body doesn't need that nutrition.

PBAILEY06 SparkPoints: (38,994)
Fitness Minutes: (38,163)
Posts: 629
8/14/12 12:17 P

I hadn't ever thought of it that way, but it makes complete sense. When my son didn't eat everything, I would eat it or give it to the dog. And both the dog and I ended up over-weight. I always referred to her as the garbage disposal of the canine world without realizing I was doing the same thing to myself.

I've found now that I allow myself to become hungry (not starving) before eating, I've learned to identify the difference for me between eating for hunger and eating for being bored, stressed, PMSing, etc.


MSMUFFET60 Posts: 24
8/14/12 12:11 P

Keep in mind, rather you throw it in the garbage or eat it, it goes to waste. emoticon

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
8/14/12 11:57 A

FANTASTIC realization. You really deserve props for this. This is a HUGE leap in your way of thinking, and one that I think will help you in the future. Seriously, this is awesome. I used to do the SAME THING, and would do things like finish my kids' food so it wouldn't get wasted... and I realized that I was treating my body, the thing that's supposed to be my temple, like a freakin' landfill.

In the future, should you find yourself in a binge, Sparkpeople has some great resources for helping to stop, understand, and prevent them:

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SHAKEUPTAMPA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,545)
Posts: 925
8/14/12 11:24 A

It looks and though you have already made half your goal for weight loss! Great job! Could this have been an emotional or stress project you took on? I know if I realize there are things that are special treats or should not be eaten often I stick them in the freezer (chocolate cookies) or on the top shelf of the pantry so out of sight out of mind until a craving hits. I allow cravings as then I portion it out and eat that and it should do. I do this with chips (half the time they go stale before I can finish lol)

Start fresh and realize you made a mistake and you recognized it and can go forward!

DAYSPRING-STAR SparkPoints: (35,275)
Fitness Minutes: (11,022)
Posts: 1,263
8/14/12 10:48 A

Over the last few days I've realized that if it's in the kitchen, I will eat it. Additionally, during a binge, I treat my body as if it were a garbage can.

Last night I went through an episode where I went to the cupboard over and over again and ate things that I no longer want in the house because they are some of my triggers (seriously, that is how I rationalized it... I wanted them finished and gone, but did not simply throw them in the trash. I had to consume them.)

Some of the junk I ate was old and not even particularly palatable (a dollar store chocolate bar from Christmas!) Some items were healthy enough if part of a nutrition plan and eaten in appropriate portions (pistachios and vitatop muffins). But I was on a mission to "finish" them.

At one point last night as I was following my sweet, salty, sweet pattern (truly can't say I was having cravings as it was not that strong of a bodily driven desire), I realized that I was treating my body as if it were a garbage can. As if I were a garbage can! At that moment, this awareness still was not enough to stop me. I don't know what the psychology is behind what I was doing (addiction? emotional? boredom?), but this isn't the first time I've done this. It is a pattern I recognize in myself and experience time and time again throughout my life.

Today, being a new day and my Spark renewed, the idea of treating my body and therefore myself as a garbage can is a more disgusting concept and motivating visual. My body is not a garbage can and I will not treat it as if it were. My body is an amazing work that responds fairly quickly and positively to care and nourishment. I am not trash and I won't trash myself.

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