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Hi Anna,

The bio-impedence devices have been shown to have approximately a 10% margin of error and are not really something I would put too much credence in, however if you have access to a gym facility you may want to see if they offer skin caliper testing from a certified pesonal trainer. That would be a better indicator to your body fat percentage.

Coach Nancy

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9/20/12 10:35 A

Yeah I thought that was really low for my body fat percentage. That's like what bodybuilders have and I'm certainly not a body builder. It was taken through a fitness course required at my university. They used a bio electrical impedance thing. Any idea how I could go about getting a more accurate measure?

Although some days I eat as low as 1200 calories, when I am not being ridiculously regimented I end up consuming. 1500-1700 which shouldn't be too high considering my level of activity, but I didn't think it would be too low either. It's so hard to know. I feel like it's one big guessing game.

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9/20/12 9:42 A

ive consumed approx 1200 cal per day for the past 2 days. worked out cardio and strength both days... scale has me up 2.5 lbs today

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Who took your body composition? The reason I ask, is that is extremely low for a woman. So low that it may actually begin to interfere with your hormones.

You are at a healthy weight for your height, therefore your body may be doing all it can to conserve the calories you consuming. When we allow the scale to dictate our success this can make the journey much more difficult. From reading your post you are an active young lady and the more active one is, the more calories she needs to keep her body functioning properly.

If you are not eating enough, I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but your body will hang on for dear life. Remember we need calories just to keep our heart and lungs functioning, for our body to fight off illness and to grow new cells. When it does not get the energy it needs, we go into starvation (or hibernation) mode so that the body will have the energy to do the things I listed above.

Since you do not have a SparkPage to review your nutrition plan, it is difficult for us to give specific advice. But for now, try upping your calories and see what happens.

Remember too, that at 22 your body is still undergoing some changes, so it is not unusual for your weight to go up a tad.

Coach Nancy

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9/20/12 9:01 A

I've never used the message boards before but I am so frustrated I thought it was worth a shot.

Last December I started working out to get in shape for my wedding. I am a 22 year old female, am 5'1" and until recently my happy weight has always been 105. It hasn't been too hard to stay between 105-108 if I exercise and eat healthy. When I started working out in December I was probably 110. I did strength training three days a week but nothing too crazy and I did cardio for 30-60 minutes four times a week or so. I got down to 104 and then started climbing. At the end of march I was 106 with a body fat percentage of 13-14%. I felt good.

I realize some of the gain that happened after that was stress eating before the wedding and then just being off my regular schedule with honeymoon traveling and adjusting to married life. It is October now and I weigh 114! I know my schedule was a little off and I had a month or two of not the best eating but I still worked out and ate relatively healthy.

I've started to workout and eat healthy more consistently. I do 60 or more minutes of cardio five days a week and I strength train around 2 days a week for maybe thirty minutes. According to the trackers I always have at least SOME defecit, sometimes as high as 1000 calories. I don't see why I continue to be gaining weight. I know that can't all be muscle!

Also- I'm sure this is probably relevant but I don't know how much it would account for - I started birth control pills right after I hit the 106 mark last march. I'm sure that combined with some of the other things I mentioned helped me pack on those eight pounds, but why am I not losing now?

I've been really consistent for over a month and I haven't seen a bit of difference on the scale.


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