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5/14/13 9:05 A

I would have to agree with the previous posters. DIDS70 said it very well about watching your fruit. Yes, it is healthy, yes, it is natural, but the natural sugars can still be too much. It doesn't seem accurate to make fruit a no point option.

That being said, with nursing and your time of the month coming twice... I would definitely call your doctor. Your hormones take such a beating with pregnancy and delivery. It sounds like you may need some help regulating them, even if through diet.

It sounds strange that you would be gaining so much. I hope that you get help!

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
5/13/13 2:01 P

I would suggest giving your doctor or OB/GYN's office a call and running it by them. You have some factors that really do require a doctor's input---birth and breastfeeding can really mess with your hormones, but you are right to be concerned about gaining at this point. A visit with a registered dietician might be in order too, as you could get some input on how much you need to eat to keep the milk supply going until you're ready to wean.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/13/13 9:13 A

Never had a baby and unfortunately i never can, so congrats on your little one. I am sure the stress hormones and your baby hormones are certainly contributing. I also know that this site and WL online has programs just for new mothers that you may find helpful. You can always be tested for thyroid. You also want to watch the amount of fruit you eat, though much better than oreos, there is still a lot of sugar in them. I never did agree with WW that fruit should be free.

I don't think I can help with being emotionally unhappy with yourself. That is something that you will have to look at within yourself. Don't be hard on yourself-- I know easier said than done.

Good luck

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5/12/13 1:48 A

I have been struggling to loose this weight for the last 8 months(baby is 8 months old). Within a week or two after delivering I had dropped down to about 167 which is 5 pounds smaller than what I was when I got pregnant. Of course over the next few weeks with the stress of having a newborn I stopped loosing and put on about 5 pounds. After the holidays weight was creeping back up and I joined Weight Watchers in January and have been doing that since. I am embarrassed to say that after doing WW for the last 5 months I have not lost, but in fact have gained and I am around 193 pounds!! Within the first week of losing the scale had said I had lost 11 pounds. I was excited and motivated to keep going but within 2 days it said I had gained that 11 pounds back. I thought it was a scale issue & changed the batteries & still continue to get the same thing. Week after week would go by with no weight loss but I continued to stick within my points hoping that eventually my body would just release all the extra pounds.

Here we are in May & still nothing. I was doing WW online and even tried a meeting to make sure I was calculating my points correctly. I am, but nothing is happening. Some days the scale will say I have lost 3 pounds and will get back on the next day & have gained it back.

I am breastfeeding still and wondering if my my hormones could be playing a part in this. Since my baby my menstrual cycle will come on twice a month for a week each time so I know that on just that alone my hormones must be out of whack.

Has anyone ever struggled this way after baby? Could there be a hormone imbalance that is affecting the weight? Maybe a thyroid issue? Obviously I am incredibly stressed & very emotionally unhappy with myself. I know that even on the days I might have an oreo instead of an apple I am still eating considerably less than I normally do. I no longer drink juices and sodas & stick to water all day. I'm eating a good amount of veggies & snack on grapes or apples throughout the day. I feel at such a loss, embarrassed and ashamed.

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