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12/14/13 3:17 A

Yeah its really strange because I have been a lot worse then this before but the scales have ever shown this much, The scales at home have never ever showed me over but the peoples I am staying at's one seems quite cheap and is so tiny you feel like you will break on it if you stand on it.
I am just eating water from now on and only drink booze if its at an xmas event and I won't have any beer just maybe have a few glasses of wine and I don;t drink sugary RTD's. I'm starting to make myself healthy sandwhich's. My weight seems to fluctuate a lot between 56 and 58 a lot so i know I will be able to get back down but I'm just finding it difficult

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12/13/13 8:28 A

Watch out for beer! It's like drinking liquid bread.

Alcohol in general can cause a bit of bloating, but beer is the worst offender.

Drinking, especially now during the holidays, can be very tricky for dieters. Drinks are basically empty calories. The choice to drink or not is a very personal one.

Any alcohol consumed really needs to be entered into your tracker. You might, at the end of the day, find out you've only 200 calories (or less!!) left in your daily budget - which ought to effect whether or not your choose to go out for cocktails, and what to drink.

A glass of red wine has 125 calories.
A V&T or G&T sounds low cal, but tonic water has as much calories and sugar as a soda (coke). Mixing with soda water and adding a splash of tonic water brings it in at about 130 calories.
A cosmopolitan has about 200 calories.

Use the SP tracker, especially when you get started. This will help you with food (and alcohol) choices. Choose foods with good protein and fiber counts (avoid fried foods).

Your probably going to do great since you've already stated you are exercising more - you just need to make better food choices, especially when it comes to going out to eat.

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12/13/13 7:55 A

how tall are you? because you're at an age where it's not unusual to hit your final growth spurt and reach your full size, even if you stopped growing up years ago. unless you're right at 1.5 meters [5' tall], 60 kg isn't really overweight.
do you have a doctor you can go get a check up with or a trusted relative or friend that you can ask about this? because they are going to be able to give you a much more impartial call on the issue. when it's you being heavier in a rather quick manner it can be really hard to be able to be far enough away from the matter to see it clearly. for you it's more of an ack! moment and even if you did need those 4kg it's easy to freak out about them. a doctor or a trusted friend can give you a better assessment of where you really are.
if you're feeling bloated, particularly after moving to a new place and letting other people cook for you, well, that could be it right there. some people do have nervous stomachs in new situations. your new flatmates could be cooking in a manner and style that's just different enough from your own to upset your stomach. your poor stomach could be unused to so much eating out. any of these places might have just shoddy enough food preparations that you have a very mild case of food poisoning. you might have caught a stomach bug that's been going around in either place.
and that doesn't even account for the exercise. the funny thing about exercise is that it can make you gain water weight too. water is quite important in muscle repair. so when you use those more, you use more water fixing them up afterwards. so if you're more active overall, it might just be your body having to keep more water on hand to keep fixing your muscles back up. and over a longer period, more exercise will likely mean more muscle. which means you could see a higher number on the scale but a lower number when you go to buy clothes. when i am maintaining i have to gain 4kg [ten pounds] to drop an inch on my waist. and if i haven't exercised much in a while, i will tend go from my resting waist size up an inch or two [or three the last time it happened, but i finally got consistent rather quickly at a higher level than i had before] as i build up an undercoat of muscle and then the fat comes off to an inch less than my resting size. it's certainly annoying to see those numbers jump, but when compare things like my endurance and ability to do certain activities [i volunteer at a place where i have to trek up a hill with a bunch of stuff and there have been periods where it takes me 10 minutes to get there and i am winded and there have been other periods where it takes me 5 minutes and my heart rate barely raises] i can see what the tradeoff is.

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12/13/13 6:52 A

Too many Carbs can cause gas & bloating such as rice, potatoes, and pasta, beans and peas.

ELIMATE FOOD WITH SUGAR SOURCES. EAT FOODS WITH LOADS OF PROTEIN. Fried foods can delay digestion, so skip fried foods.

WHEAT CAN ALSO produce gas. BEER causes gas due to its carbonation and heavily carbonated brews can cause bloating...too much fiber can also exacerbate bloat/

Sugar free foods with malitol and sorbital can create gas as they are not easily digested and they can exacerbate gas and discomfort.

Protein can act like a natural diuretic and help your body get rid of extra water ...To incorporate protein into your snacks try an apple with a handful of almonds, a part skim string cheese, or a container of nonfat yogurt. Fage 0% Plain Yogurt is a good probiotic for bloat and cuts the odds of having tummy issues...sweeten with fresh berries or add walnuts for crunch.

Eat Rye bread with seeds....eases constipation and bloat because of the fiber arabinoxylan. The seeds strengthen the functions of the stomach. They also provide quick relief from flatulence. A Little prune juice seems to help bloat. CHAMOLIE TEA also can help prevent the onset of gas symptoms and stomach cramps

Also check your sodium intake.....You probably already know that water retention is one of the reasons you puff out, but asparagus can help reduce it...also cucumbers are loaded with water, which helps fight bloat.....Eating an avocado and other potassium rich foods can combat puffiness by balancing excess sodium and reduce water retention . Also celery helps.

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12/13/13 6:16 A

Juelos - Seems to me that you already figured things out. You need to cook for yourself, eat less, and drink less beer. Stop eating out at restaurants so much. Some of it is water weight, and beer tends to distend the stomach and cause bloating, but most of all, you are probably eating too much.

With some moderation of these factors, you can easily lose those 4 kgs again. Just stop doing the things that you know caused the weight gain. The body is very adaptable, and will correct things quickly.

Some of it probably has to do with the holiday season, where we do indulge in treats that we avoid the rest of the year, but I think the other changes are what need to be changed, because the holiday food is only temporary, unlike the restaurant eating, and alcohol consumption which can become a permanent habit. Switch things up now, and keep 4 kg, from becoming 40. You know this needs to be done, and are probably hoping there is another answer, but there isn't. Most of the people here have gained weight with drinking, and eating with friends. Great fun now, but in 10 years, the friends, and YOU, will go off, and have families, and the fun won't be quite as much, but the weight you gained will still be there.

You end up being an overweight 30 year old, with great memories of your 20' A little moderation now, will let you enjoy your 20's with no health issues in your 30's and 40's. Just reduce the amount of times you do all of the things that you think are causing your weight gain.

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12/13/13 4:45 A

Well, I could easily gain 4kg in 3 weeks given the eating conditions that you describe. Are you just uncomfortable about the weight gain and feeling sluggish or are you in a lot of pain?

Getting more fiber is likely part of the solution. More salad plus less cheese and meat could make a difference. White rice is another thing that could be causing constipation--if you are eating curries or Chinese takeout, that could be part of the issue.

How much water do you drink?

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12/13/13 3:07 A

I'm a 20 year old girl, fairly healthy and 2-3 weeks ago i weighed 56kgs. I just moved to a new town and now live in a flat who cook together (I'm used to cooking for myself) and my workplace is very social and every time I work late (which is almost everyday) they give me a beer or we go out to work drinks and we recently just had our xmas do. My problem is that I feel bloated ALL THE TIME and have put on almost 4 kgs in the time I have been here which is less then two weeks. The weight has only been around my stomach and I feel quite uncomfortable all the time and used to be able to suck in really easiyt, it's making me feel quite insecure about myself, especially because I'm exercising more and still gaining weight, i do know I need to start eating healthier because there has been quite a few times where we have gone out for dinner since I have been here or eaten out. I was thinking this could be water weight? But I don't know! does anyone have any tips or know what this could be?!

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