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6/2/14 2:19 P

Yuuruughghhh. Yup. My bad. The "Turn my page offline" checkbox was checked.

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6/2/14 2:10 P

No, hunny, your tracker is not public, as your sparkpage has yet to be created.

It takes about 1 minute to create to create your sparkpage, and set your trackers to public emoticon

6/2/14 2:09 P

I'll take this as a "Get out of dairy free card". : )

6/2/14 2:07 P

You're right on the dot about everything. I'm at exactly 170 pounds, eating 1770 a day. I sometimes go over (especially on weekends) by around 200 calories. I usually compensate for this by working out a little more.

As for my doctor…he's not exactly the helpful kind of guy. He barely agreed to give me a referral to see a nutritionist. I had to insist three times to get it.

My tracker is now public.

6/2/14 2:03 P

I'm not sure how to make my tracker public. I am; however, tracking absolutely everything that goes into my mouth. If I don't know what's in it/how many calories it has, I don't eat it.

I tend to be on the low end of the "Fat" nutrient needs, I usually juuuust barely make my Fibre requirements, and very seldom do I get enough Protein.

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6/2/14 2:02 P

By the way - don't try to sneak dairy into other foods if you gag on it when eaten directly. The odds are very high that you're allergic. My mother didn't believe in allergies, so she just hid dairy in foods I could manage when I started gagging on milk. That just kept up the allergy (getting it past my early warning system) and had lifelong unpleasant consequences. I get nauseated at the Got Milk? ads... It's a defense mechanism, your body is telling you "don't eat this". Try cutting out all dairy for a while in every form to see if that helps.

6/2/14 2:01 P

CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss success!

That "perfect" weight may not be realistic obtain or maintain.

I assume from your posts that you are at about 170 pounds and maintaining about 75 pounds of your initial 100 pound weight loss. You are maintaining on about 1700-1800 calories daily? Is this all correct info.

I would suggest a complete medical check up with your doctor to make sure everything is fine.

I would also suggest you set your goal for now on maintaining at 170 pounds, using 1700-1800 calories for the next 6-9 months. Let you body "reset" itself. Then decide if another 20 pounds lost is doable.

And finally, Are you willing to make your nutrition tracker public. It may help in making suggestions about hunger, food intake, types of foods, etc. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

6/2/14 2:01 P

Thank you so much for your kind words. I was feeling really down but you gave me a boost. : )

Height: 5.5"
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Current Weight: 170
Current Target Weight: 160
Ideal Weight: 145 (with beautiful, beautiful muscles!)

All right. I could definitely incorporate more chicken and eggs into my diet. Maybe get some omelette action going on in the morning instead of my usual multigrain toast, peanut butter and OJ.

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6/2/14 1:54 P

I would encourage to make your nutrition tracker public. If you share it, people can look at it and provide helpful suggestions. Are you accurately weighing and tracking 100% of everything you eat? Are you meeting your macro and micro nutrient needs?

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6/2/14 1:52 P

Maybe you need more food. Your idea of your calorie needs may be wrong. Try adding more food and see what happens. Your body obviously doesn't care what happens in August...:) if you're restricting calories, it's just doing its normal thing of trying to hoard fat for the coming famine. Have to sneak up on it.

You really shouldn't be hungry all the time if you're just eating a little less to lose a little weight and you need to do so. Are you getting enough fat? You might try to boost that up especially.

Otherwise, you might need to look at thyroid or diabetes issues, maybe others.

6/2/14 1:45 P

You have my sympathy. Going through life hungry and feeling like you can't have what you want is no way to live. That's miserable.

The idea that you should eat lots of dairy is nonsense. If you don't want it, forget about it. There are plenty of ways to get those nutrients. Don't torment yourself by gagging down foods you don't like.

While it's true that many high-protein foods are high in calories, not all are. Consider:

There are about 180 calories in 4 oz of chicken breast, roasted with no skin. One serving is about half the protein you need for a day. You don't need huge amounts of protein every day. Some people think more is always better when it comes to protein; it isn't. Fish is another great, low-calorie source of protein. Eggs are good, so are beans.

The same is true with high-fiber foods. I don't think it's true that everything that's naturally high in fiber is high in calories. Fruits and vegetables and whole grains give you plenty of fiber. If you want both protein and fiber at the same time, consider something like Kashi Go Lean cereal - about a quarter of your daily protein needs and around 1/3 of your daily fiber needs for 140 calories.

It helps if you eat some fat, protein, and carbohydrate at every meal. For example: a green salad with lots of vegetables, 3 oz of grilled chicken on top, and some low fat (but not fat-free) dressing. Ideally, fruits and vegetables are the bulk of your diet, with fats and protein mixed in for flavor and satiety. It works for me, although I am far from perfect and have plenty of lapses in my own diet.

I'm sure you'll get all kinds of advice here. It would be helpful if you let everyone know how tall you are, your general age, your gender, how much you have to lose, and that kind of thing.

Lastly, congratulations on your success. Don't let your current situation make you feel defeated. There are millions of people in who would kill to lose just 30 pounds. You've lost, what, 84 pounds? That's a big deal and you should be proud of that.

6/2/14 1:43 P

170 must be an unlucky number, because that's where I'm stuck, too. : (

I spend about 1 000-1 500 calories a week on cardio, plus do three weightlifting sessions. I eat pretty must the same thing every day at about the same time each day: same breakfast, same snacks, and a choice of 4-5 different lunches and suppers (which have meat and veggies). Maybe I need to add a bit of variety.

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6/2/14 1:35 P

No good advice... just commiseration. I had a very similar journey. I lost about 80 pounds over about 2 years. At first, the pounds just melted off. I only dieted, no exercise. At 40 pounds down, I plateaued a bit, so then I added in exercise. I was fairly unfit at first, so again, the pounds melted. I could eat an extra 500-1000 calories on a run day (which was only 3-4 miles at 6 mph). I got down to 156 lbs. I maintained that for a while, but then on vacation, I put back about 10 pounds. I couldn't easily lose those. Over the next year, I gradually worked up to running 8-10 miles at 7-7.5 mph 3 days a week with weight lifting, crunches, pushups, etc. on top of it. Now I'm so hungry all the time. I slowly got back up to around 170. That seems to be a set point. I can cheat then lose the extra, but only back down to 170 again. It's frustrating. I'm healthy, but I want to be lean. As far as nutritiion, I eat a ton of vegetables. Dinner is often just raw spinach, beans, vinegar, and mustard with a 1/2 tbsp of oil. I shoot for 1500 calories a day most days, a fast one day a week, and a cheat day on the weekend. I, too, am growing leery of the common sense advice out there. Not sure where to go from here.

6/2/14 1:11 P

I need help. I joined Sparkpeople in 2009 and managed to lose 108 pounds within about 3 years. (At a healthy rate of 1-2 pounds per week.) In the first three years, I never hit a single plateau and, by the tail end of those three years, I was easily able to eat about 1 400 calories a day. I had a few cheat days here and there (about one per month) but always recouped from them within a week.

In Spring of 2012, I was one pound away from my goal. I went on a weekend trip and came back with a few extra pounds. I figured I'd drop them easily again. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, they stayed. I was still the same weight by my next cheat day, and gained a couple of pounds I was unable to lose at that point, too. Rinse and repeat for every cheat day since. All in all, I gained 24 pounds in the past 2 years and I cannot seem to drop any of it, no matter how hard I work out or how many calories I try to cut from my diet.

On top of the weight gain, I've also gotten terribly hungry. Losing weight at 1 400 calories a day was easy when my stomach WASN'T screaming for food. Now, I'm at 1 770 a day and feel like I can barely make it through the day. I think about food all the time because I'm stressed out about not being able to eat enough. I desperately want to drop at least 9 pounds by the end of August for an event. I used to think that was easy, but now I'm starting to feel like it's absolutely hopeless.

Can anyone help me? Is there anything I can do to help me feel full? I really wanted to see a nutritionist, but the one at work refused to see me because I'm not part of their clinic, and everywhere else is just too expensive. I can't afford to spent a hundred dollars for a consultation that may or may not help me out.

Every piece of advice I read online basically tells me to go for lots of protein, fibre, and dairy. Unfortunately, I don't like dairy and there's no way I can force yogurt or cheese down my throat. I have an awful gag reflex when it comes to dairy. As for protein and fibre…it's a good suggestion, in principle…but everything that's naturally high in fibre/protein is also high in calories, which makes it almost impossible to fit it in my daily intake without going over.

Also: as far as I can tell, I don't really eat anything unhealthy (except on my cheat days). I make my own meals, eat lots of fruits and veggies, etc. Aside from a single hard candy or a couple lifesavers after lunch and supper, I typically eat very well.

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