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BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,039
1/12/11 12:34 P

Unfortunately it is impossible for a woman to gain 2 lbs of muscle in a week. HOWEVER, when you begin a strength training program, your muscles tend to retain water. Depending on where you are in your monthly cycle, you could also be retaining some water from that. If you have been eating 1100-1200 calories, I highly doubt you've gained any fat. I'm willing to bet it's all water weight, so just be patient and you will see a loss soon. :)

Also - you really shouldn't eat below 1200 calories!

PINKPEARL8 Posts: 969
1/12/11 12:34 P

It's hard to really fill the day with calories sometimes. i began by taking a diet pill that only made it harder to eat during the day. I then stop and now I'm working slowly back into it.

HOLLISTERGUY1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/12/11 12:33 P

I agree that's it's probably just water weight. Make sure you stick to your Spark recommended calorie intake and the nutrient ranges, and track your food, very important, whenever possible.

JAFFA42 SparkPoints: (4,547)
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1/12/11 12:30 P

If you are only eating 1200 calories and burning off x amount of calories through exercise your body is not getting enough calories to function properly.

Your body needs a minimum number of calories just to stay concious and breath and perform all it's usual tasks to keep you alive each day. This minimum is somewhere around 1100 calories.

Sometimes when you go below this amount (as you are by burning off calories by exercising causing you to go below 1000 I expect) your body actually stops losing weight. This is sometimes call 'starvation mode' The body doesn't deem it safe to let go of fat reserves because it is not getting enough fuel anyway.

That MIGHT be your problem....

It could also just be a freak week that bodies have sometimes :)

CARADAWN Posts: 1,955
1/12/11 12:25 P

I wouldn't count on the gain being muscle. It takes a while to put on muscle and for it to show up on the scale so 1 week will not cut it. You could be retaining water or your body may be in starvation mode. You said you are sometimes eating less than 1100 calories - that is not enough! At less than 1200 calories your body cannot getting all of the nutrients it needs from food. On top of this you are working out. Your body may be holding on to everything you eat hindering your weight loss. I am not an expert but I have seen people say a lot of times that once they started eating more the weight fell off. It can't hurt to try

SPARKGIRL285 Posts: 773
1/12/11 12:23 P

1200 is the bare minimum someone should be eating if your working out you should eat more..

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
1/12/11 12:08 P

You can also not eat enough. If you are exercising and not fueling it enough, you wont lose anything. I had that happen to me a few times before.

1/12/11 12:04 P

It's probably muscle. Make sure you're going by how your clothes feel and your measurements, not just what you see on the scale. :-) good luck!

LAVENDER521 Posts: 3
1/12/11 11:53 A

I have been eating roughly 1100-1200 (maybe little less calories) a day and I have gained 2 lbs. I have been excersing and strenght training more for about a week. I am now 223 lbs was 221. Help!

breakfast 2 hardboiled eggs coffee
lunch 5 ounces taco meat with tomato and lettuce
snack protein bar 190 cal
dinner- baked fish or 2 chicken legs and brussel sprouts
snack another protein bar or hard boiled egg

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