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3/3/13 11:09 A

So NOT fair, Michelle!

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3/3/13 11:08 A

I always gain weight when I up my mileage. I've read that it is common.

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3/3/13 10:55 A

Thank you for the links, dragon! If I am too tired or feeling sore from a run I do listen to my body and rest...I go to my chiropractor 1x weekly for adjustments as well as active release therapy..
So i believe i am taking good care of myself and not overtraining

and coach jen; I do have a hard time eating more, but I am going to try...perhaps i am underfueling .my goal is to make it to the start line of my marathon

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3/2/13 5:09 P

There's really not a way to avoid water retention, other than to monitor your sodium intake. Increased exercise causes water retention as a matter of course, and it's a *good* thing, and temporary. It's explained here:

This water retention can mask fat loss, but as I said, it's temporary and unavoidable.

I also wouldn't worry about the hot yoga class; it burns the same amount of calories as the regular style of yoga it mimics. Adding heat doesn't make you burn more calories, it just works your heart harder, and you can't trust any heart rate monitor estimates you may have.

If you are always tired, I'm definitely concerned you may be overtraining or underfueling (or both.) Check out this article for more info:

Jen has great advice, and is the go-to Coach here for endurance training running. :)

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3/2/13 2:57 P


I don't think you're eating enough with that much training. I'm not sure what your goal is per week, but I would recommend 1/2-1 lb per week. A slower rate of weight loss will ensure you've got enough energy for your training, but can still lose. Some of the weight gain could be water retention as you increase the mileage in your training runs.

For most people training for an endurance event, I recommend a very slow rate of weight loss or even a goal to maintain your weight while training. Then you can go back into weight loss mode once your training is over.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/2/13 2:39 P

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

KC- it is intense and i am always tired, it seems...i am in the sixth week and hoping your right, once my body adapts, i will lose??

Coach jen- my daily goal is 1200-1550 calories. Somedays after my run i go to hot yoga class as well, (difficult to figure what amount of calories are burned during a 60 minute session inthe heat.) So to answer your question- does my calorie burned goal reflect the amount of exercise, i am not sure. Looking back in february my calories ranged- some days high some low- for example 1590, 1356, 1224...I try to track everything and I also notice an enormous increase in the amount of water I am drinking , (I wake 2 times per night to go to the bathroom. ugh)

Blib- i don't actually own a scale, but i know i have gained a bit. I am very short so a small amount of weight makes a big do we avoid water retention

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3/2/13 1:31 P

Is it more than a few pounds that you've gained? I also tend to gain a little weight when starting up running again (it's an on-and-off thing for me). It mostly seems to be water retention and a slight increase in muscle mass.

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3/2/13 12:50 P

Are you tracking all of your food daily? What is your recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume? Does your calories burned goal reflect the amount of exercise you're doing?

Coach Jen

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3/2/13 10:09 A

That's true that you may not be eating enough. That kind of training is very intense, so you need the additional calories to help fuel. But what you are eating sounds healthy though!!

The longer your training goes (the more miles you are running each week), you'll have to adjust your eating accordingly. You'll also experience weight gain as your body is adapting to the training... just like with strength training, you'll notice a weight GAIN before losing.

Hope that helps, and good luck :)

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3/2/13 9:47 A

I am training for a half marathon, but gaining weight?! I'm confused about my weight. I am thinking of buying a Fitbit to track everything but thought i would ask here first

Usually i have oatmeal for breakfast, fruit and yogurt shake at 10, tuna salad at lunch, and at dinner usually fish, chicken or beef with a side of rice or veggies. Also an apple a day. I have not had alcohol in 3 weeks b/c I am taking my training seriously and it affects my endurance

I was told at work that i am not eating enough and my body's holding onto everything thinking its in starvation mode? So for a little bit I would try to eat an additional snack (almonds, or a second shake at 3pm with chocolate whey powder as well as fruit and yogurt)

I am really frustrated and I am convinced that my runs would improve if I could drop a bit of weight


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