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Is more fun than losing it.

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The reality is, most of the weight loss you experienced was fluid and not fat takes a caloric deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat--that would have required you to have eaten/expended well over 35,000 calories to see true results. For those who are obese, that isn't too uncommon to see a big loss like that, but for those who do not have as much weight to lose, this is more related to a shift in fluids.

Our weight is not a static number, but more like a vital sign. Just like your blood pressure, heart rate and body temp will vary throughout the day, same is true with your weight. Because our bodies are largely made up of water (the fitter we are the more water we retain), any deviation in our diet, hydration, workouts, even hormones can lead to a shift on the scale.

Know that all changes within the body must begin at the cellular level...all the way down to the fat cells need to release the free fatty acids, to the muscle cells making bigger and more numerous mitochondria-these are the organelles within the cells-to give us energy.

It isn't uncommon to see a slight upward shift in weight when we start exercising, or add a new training regimen and eating better. For one the muscles are making more mitochondria which allow for extra glycogen-stored glucose in the cells- therefore, your body hangs on to more water to help with the cooling off process for exercise and for helping process energy. Your muscles will also have an increase in blood volume in order to have better availability to oxygen and removing waste, especially lactic acid. These things coupled with eating higher fiber foods, such as fruits and veggies can show a gain, when in all reality it is just a shift in fluids.

This journey you are on is about making this a lifestyle...not just a quick means to lose the weight without changing your habits. I understand the desire to lose the weight quickly, but the reality is, weight loss and making healthy habits you will carry with you for a lifetime, regardless of how long it takes, will keep you off the life-long journey of dieting.


Coach Nancy

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O.K. - 10lb weight loss in one week is waaaaayy too much IF it was a genuine loss.

It spiked back up so in two weeks that amounted to a 4lb loss and that is really about what you should be aiming at!

There are a lot of variables with weight - TOM; the physical weight of your last meal (not yet passed through); the amount of sodium in your diet; whether you went to the loo prior to your first weigh-in but not the second one; if you were wearing clothes were they the same? Even the time of day you weighed compared to the previous one. There are other factors too, but these are mostly the more common ones.

Don't rely on weight as the guide to whether you are winning your war. That is only a small part of the story. How your clothes feel (generally too soon to tell yet); your energy level; the quality of your sleep; the condition of your hair/skin, etc. etc.

For the time being I would be inclined to ditch the scales and rely more on the other things. If you are eating nutritious food and in a healthy calorie range AND getting some exercise (and down time) then you will be doing the best for your body.

The other thing that struck me is that perhaps you are suffering from impatience?? It took me 16 MONTHS to lose just over 50lb. The fast weight-losses are definitely NOT what you should be aiming for - in this situation the SLOW loser is the winner!! You will be far more likely to keep the weight off once you have reached you goal, and yes - I reached my goal a LONG time ago but am still maintaining - because I did it the sensible way (and still weigh all my food and use the Nutrition Tracker :-)

Take care, sit back (not literally) and enjoy the ride!

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I'm on my 2nd week of the weight loss bit. In the first week, I lost 10 lbs. I thought it was amazing that just by switching the foods you eat, your body will naturally just melt the pounds away. I can't help but check the scale every day (I want to make sure that I'm progressing), and now, I spiked back up 6 lbs.

I don't understand why. I went to the gym today, I've stayed within my cal/carb/protein/fat limit so I don't know why I have the gain back.

Its starting to make me feel a little reluctant, and I almost feel like I want to just go back to eating regular food, even though I want to lose that extra 30 lbs SO badly.

What should I do?

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