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SOAPDIVA2 Posts: 75
5/26/10 10:41 P

oooo wee you are singing to the choir here! The pounds go ...On and off on and off! For me its always when I dont pay attention and track my food intake religiously. If I work out a few days less, by body knows! Stay positive folks, we are human and the main thing is to be conscious of whats going so we can do something about it emoticon

KRUIZYKIWI SparkPoints: (3,374)
Fitness Minutes: (3,215)
Posts: 88
5/26/10 10:20 P

Those 5 lbs are a pain! I find I lose them and then I think I have everything under control eating wise and exercise plus portion and get a bit relaxed about things and then those 5 lbs come creeping back again. I try and remember to not get relax about keeping an eye on things but something always comes along and upsets the apple cart and I am back to the beginning again.

JACKDOM1 Posts: 7
5/26/10 10:19 P

Hi, I am the same way. I will nearly be at goal weight and I sabotage myself rewarding with food and then going completely off track. It is a constant with me and I am in the gym at 5:00am 6 days a week. Where does it all go wrong?

DTCELLO Posts: 584
5/26/10 10:04 P

Hi all,
I have been doing the same thing as all of us....5 pounds up and 5 pounds down. I gain when I am lax about tracking nutrition and allow myself "indulgences"...which for me mean that I indulge once, then again, then again. Food is like an addiction for me. If I allow myself to indulge, I just go off the wagon completely.
It seems that when I am overeating, I am also under exercising.
The only way for me to turn this around, I think, will be to be consistent with control of calorie intake and consistency with exercising daily. I have been on this roller coaster for the past 6 weeks or so.
I have sent a request to the moderator to share any links to articles about this she might find. Hopefully, we will hear from her.
Best of luck to everyone!

CAMYTANG Posts: 389
5/26/10 9:49 P

I always seem to gain weight during and after a vacation or a business trip! Last year, I went on a 2-week business trip in September and gained 5 pounds during the trip and the week or two right after, which I then spent several weeks getting rid of (again). Then I gained some weight at Christmas last year and spent a few weeks losing the weight (again). Then my parents came a few weeks ago and I ended up gaining a couple pounds, which I'm right now trying to shed (again!!!).

The good thing is that I gain less weight each time, but I'd really like to have the self-control to not gain at all! I have another business trip next month, and I'm really afraid I won't eat well AND I won't exercise. I've been psyching myself up and praying a lot that I'll be able to make healthy eating choices and continue to make time for exercise even though my schedule will be not-normal!


GRAMMABENJI Posts: 6,004
5/26/10 9:48 P

i have been doing this for about 2 months now. I wish it would go and never come back but it keeps finding me.

5/26/10 9:30 P

I have gained and lost the same 5lbs about 3 times in the last year! Man...if I added it all up it would be a lot of weight! But I am commiting to lose it once and for all. and to never re-lose it again! that number WILL be gone!

TONIABLAKE SparkPoints: (19,331)
Fitness Minutes: (18,282)
Posts: 631
5/26/10 9:25 P

You're talking about me! I've been going up and down within a 5lb range for months now. It's frustrating and I wish I knew how to get off this spinning wheel.

Fitness Minutes: (20,071)
Posts: 978
5/26/10 9:18 P

Those same pounds haunt me too...but that happens to me every 15 pds or so...just gotta wait it out and keep it consistent.

MAHONEY_09 Posts: 411
5/26/10 8:53 P

Oh I have blogged about this so many times I figured people would get sick of hearing about it!! Currently I am waivering between the 189-193 mark!! A few weeks ago I left 190ville now only to return...
I have been with SP last October and have only lost like 10 pounds but you know what? I really try not to sweat it too much-I mean I look to all of you wonderful people for support, I have increased my activity and track...
And even then I falter! But I am learning new things and healthier habits, and I have begun to look at my "plateau" this way: I am not gaining more weight!
I participate in the team challenges and that helps too! I have learned that in the one I am doing right now I have stayed consistent at the same weight give or take a few ounces...
Now in the next 6 weeks, I will continue to track and measure and maybe see if cutting back on sodium may help too!!

KATHYJO56 SparkPoints: (574,594)
Fitness Minutes: (304,520)
Posts: 161,475
5/26/10 8:44 P

I used to do that all of the time, sometimes a lot more than 5lbs. Now, I really try to manage what I eat everyday and things are much smoother.

*MADGE* SparkPoints: (25,528)
Fitness Minutes: (37,655)
Posts: 842
5/26/10 8:26 P

I'm right there with you. I am currently at 174 and will go down to 171 for a few days and then go right back up. My measurements aren't changing either, which just adds to my frustration.

I'm giving myself a week of just not thinking about it too much. Getting mad about it certainly won't help anything.

BRANDILYNN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,930)
Posts: 340
5/26/10 8:23 P

Then gaining, then losing. I feel the same way. I do this everytime I try to lose weight. Eventually I give up, I am determined not to let myself give up this time... It is hard though!

LUGNUT_9754 Posts: 2,034
5/26/10 8:20 P

I lose, gain, lose, gain like crazy! Overall though I am still losing. Sure it's an average 0.25 lbs a week but it's still a loss.

FITLIFE6 Posts: 48
5/26/10 8:18 P

For me, sodium is part of the equation! I've noticed that high sodium really retains water for me, a couple of lbs. So I keep my sodium on the low side, around 1700mg give or take.

TKDGIRL49 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,289)
Posts: 305
5/26/10 8:09 P

I've been trying to lose weight , my scale goes up and down.. even though I think I am not over eating.. I recently had to re-visit my guidelines and found that I was indeed over eating for my age , my height my measurements and my level of activities!,.. just so much goes into getting healthy and fit..

but in the long run.. one becomes knowledgable and aquainted with what is good and not so good .. I think knowledge is one of our strongest tools in losing weight.. the other is our "will".

Dont worry, because I think we all have been there , maybe more then once* I look through the motivational pages as well as the success sites here.. many have gone through similiar experiences which could provide you with an insight that might help. emoticon

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PPD2429 Posts: 458
5/26/10 8:02 P

I just lost my first lb since I joined SP and may have it back tomorrow, but not getting me happens.

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
5/26/10 7:58 P

Don't worry it happens to all of us.

RENIDAY1 SparkPoints: (16,111)
Fitness Minutes: (575)
Posts: 516
5/26/10 7:56 P

It happens to all of us. I've increased my water intake by triple (I never drank it before and now I'm getting in 12 glasses a day) I think now I'm just water logged. Hope that changes soon!!!

GOLDTREEFROG87 SparkPoints: (12,895)
Fitness Minutes: (16,482)
Posts: 89
5/26/10 7:51 P

This sounds like something I could've posted. I've lost the same 5/6 lbs since January. However, it's my own fault. As soon as I do well enough to lose 5 lbs my motivation wavers & I slack off, just long enough to gain it back. Then I get motivated to start over, & the cycle continues...

STARSHINE67 Posts: 1,549
5/26/10 7:48 P

I'm doing the same thing right frustrating!!

2BFREE2LIVE SparkPoints: (437,394)
Fitness Minutes: (461,065)
Posts: 17,746
5/26/10 7:19 P

Yes been there and did that until I figured out the secret!!!
When you lose a few pounds you need to lower your calories in or increase your calories out. You have to have more calories burned than eaten, after all a calorie is the fuel we burn.
I reached my goal and then lost another 15 pounds and found the sweet spot my body wants me to be.
Good luck on finding your sweet spot.

FAT-N-FORTY Posts: 2
5/26/10 7:11 P

I'm jumping on the band wagon too. I've been battling the same 8 pounds for the last 3 months. I'm @ my halfway point with 60 pounds to my goal & I can't afford this setback, it depresses me. This has made me give up other times.

KEVINSBEBE Posts: 1,326
5/26/10 7:08 P

Unfortunately I can relate. It seems like everytime I lose a few pounds I get stuck. For example when I finally got under 220 lbs I would go to 215 then gain back to 220 and do that for a few weeks before I'd break under 215 then it would happen again. Even now that I am down to 204 I can't seem to get under 203 (sigh).

The best thing to do is vary your exercise routine and try to get a few less calories. Change up your diet a bit every so often. This helps me. Good luck!

MYDNITE1 Posts: 125
5/26/10 6:59 P

I am having that same problem. I go 179 to 183 back to 179. I am not losing it, I am yo yoing. I am now cutting my calories back but with my activity with my job, i am a dental assistant and I only sit down long enough to eat lunck,and working out at least 5 days a week for over an hour with cardio and stregnth training I wonder if I am getting enough calories. When I get on the scale and see the same ole thing it really hurts my feelings. I welcome any suggestions. emoticon

FAY2010 Posts: 240
5/26/10 5:50 P

i, too am fighting with these damn two pounds which does not want to leave my body. Up and down, up and down.... it makes me feel blah. I will try the low sodium thing to see if it helps and change my exercise routine a little bit, but i think part of it is when i see the pounds dropping i relax and before i know i am back up. By relaxing i only mean eating at the upper range of my calories, not exceeding it, so I still should not be gaining.. I don't understand. I can also use advice if you have it...

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
Fitness Minutes: (39,981)
Posts: 2,322
5/26/10 4:46 P

Yep, I have been battling the same 5 lbs since this time last year, also. My own fault. I just get so tired of tracking and want to live that maintenance lifestyle NOW, not when I reach goal. It just feels like I've been doing this (focusing on weight loss) for so long and it wears me down. I see people who started at my starting weight in January who are already at goal weight now, and I am still struggling. It gets so discouraging.

SUGARSMOM2 SparkPoints: (248,626)
Fitness Minutes: (219,464)
Posts: 10,954
5/26/10 4:45 P

add me to this problem . back and forth . up and down .

5/26/10 4:25 P

it depends on many different things. how long it's been happening, routine, stress levels, etc. i find that changing my routine even a little every few weeks or so keeps my body challenged and alert to keep adapting to what i do. your weight will fluctuate, it's natural.

DENI_ZEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,177)
Posts: 3,244
5/26/10 4:22 P

Thank you so much!

I've been looking for a fitting title for my autobiography :)

LOVELYLANA9 Posts: 2,173
5/26/10 3:54 P

I do the same thing! I am in peri-menopause and blame it on my fluctuating hormones. I will eat good for a couple of days and then I blow up & down the scale goes. If I can exercise it helps but my life is very hectic and we have a new puppy who needs a lot of of these days!

LISSADOT Posts: 17
5/26/10 3:43 P

Thank you for throwing this question out there!! I have been SOOOOOO depressed the past week cause the dang scale says I am up 3lbs! So depressing, so I have been lackin on my counting. But someone just mentioned period water weight gain! DING! I forgot about that! Stupid mean scale and being a woman.

ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,648
5/26/10 3:28 P

I have been doing this for over a year now. I don't even bother to change
the ticker for weight loss. It is my own fault!! One good thing is I am maintaining the same weight as when I started. Sure don't want to get any bigger!!

MAMAPAT3 SparkPoints: (7)
Fitness Minutes: (2,916)
Posts: 540
5/26/10 3:17 P

I too am battling the same 10 pounds. Now that it is summer I hope I can get past this yo-yo routine

SHANNON_4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (25)
Posts: 274
5/26/10 3:13 P

I have been doing the same thing with my 10 lbs for the past several months. I am hoping that by doing a different exercise, it will end the cycle.

BAYSIDE07 Posts: 7,534
5/26/10 3:08 P

This has been happening to me but I blame it on my own behavior.

-ROOTS- Posts: 61
5/26/10 2:53 P

I have a similar problem. Except for me this happens right before my monthly cycle I gain about 5 lbs and then it takes almost a full week afterwards to go back to normal. then I hold at that weight or go up or down a pound until the next period. And then we're back again! soo frustrating...

FIERCE_FABULOUS SparkPoints: (23,899)
Fitness Minutes: (20,189)
Posts: 1,630
5/26/10 2:49 P

Im going on 2 months of dealing with the same +-5lbs!! I have tried different things. I do sprints on the treadmill, I changed up my strength training routine completely!! I don't use gym machines anymore. Its all barbells and free weights now. And I've noticed that I get sore after working out now and when I was using the machines I didn't so I guess thats an improvement. BUT, although the scale is playing games with me, my measurements are still shrinking, -=oD Last month I lost over 1% body fat compared to .2%-.3% the first 3 months of working out. And last month I only lost 2lbs!! So, yes, you get SO frustrated with the scale, but also use other measurement devices to help you stay confident and motivated. Hang in there!! You are doing just fine, just don't lose faith in yourself! emoticon

5/26/10 2:42 P

I have been struggling with these 10 extra pounds for about 2 years...I'm not going to take no for an answer will be gone, it up to me to do it.

BIGTOSS03 SparkPoints: (375,748)
Fitness Minutes: (295,971)
Posts: 17,500
5/26/10 2:09 P

Good point Killer_Joe! I have been steady at the same weight for the past couple of weeks but my clothes are fitting a little less snug and I can almost tighten up my belt another notch. Look for other changes besides the scale.

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
Fitness Minutes: (171,153)
Posts: 10,629
5/26/10 2:01 P

I often have same struggle. That's why I've been fighting with the same 10 pounds for over a year. When I see how well some Sparks are doing I really get down on myself because I know it is me who let's me yoyo. Nobody to blame but myself. I could have easily been at my goal by now, but once again I go into summer reluctant to bare skin or wear cute clothes to the park. emoticon

KKSTRAIT2010 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,820)
Posts: 317
5/26/10 1:55 P

I have had that happen, but then I get upset with myself because I think I could have been that many pounds ahead. I gained 4.4 this week after being gone and now I fret because I have to take that back off, which puts me behind. It is one of those grrrrrr moments. emoticon

5/26/10 1:25 P

SacredAm: Just a quick question; how are your clothes fitting through this yo-yo weight struggle?

JWELL2011 Posts: 1,207
5/26/10 1:25 P

I am in the same boat. I keep going up 2-3 lbs and then down 2-3 and I am bouncing around for weeks now. Check your sodium content and try to bring it down. That worked for me last time, but I haven't tried it again. I find I bounce up and down for several weeks then I have a loss that drops below by a lb. or two. Good luck.

EARTHNUT Posts: 248
5/26/10 1:23 P

I've been oscillating between 161 and 159 for a few weeks now. But I've also just started, so I think I'm still figuring out what my optimal calorie range is and trying to remember to do my exercising. Coach Dean wrote a great article about boosting your metabolism. I'm trying to focus on that rather than just calories in / calories out.

Edited by: EARTHNUT at: 6/11/2010 (01:24)
THERESACHANGED SparkPoints: (39,583)
Fitness Minutes: (69,744)
Posts: 1,330
5/26/10 1:18 P

Yes, I can definitely relate. Usually for me it starts as a hormonal thing - I always gain about 3-4 lbs right before my period. Than I'm so dang PMSie and bummed about the weight gain (even though I KNOW it is only temporary water gain) I get lax in my eating. Great, now I really have gained some weight I need to lose again! Oh, what a wonderful cycle - NOT. Sorry I have no real advice, but I can certainly relate.

ILVTONY14 Posts: 40
5/26/10 1:16 P

My doctor who is great and has helped me alot in all of my problems has this theory and it works for me. You be extremely good on your diet for 5 days straight then allow yourself( yes allow) to cheat for 2 days. Not binging just cheating a little. My passion is mexican food. So every Saturday my family goes and eats mexican and I allow myself chips and guacamole. Then I eat great the rest of the day. On Sunday I allow myself either a pancake or cinnamon roll. Then Monday comes and I am back on the diet plan. It has worked because you look forward to it.

KJLAU2002 Posts: 105
5/26/10 11:55 A

I went through this for about five weeks, and I determined it was me becoming lax! I wasn't trying very hard. But there are the other factors: hormones, your body's reaction to losing weight, plateaus. Is one of these affecting your weight loss? Good luck figuring it out, we all go through this for sure!

GOTHHIPPIEGRRL SparkPoints: (44,247)
Fitness Minutes: (11,433)
Posts: 706
5/26/10 11:37 A

I'm in the same cycle. I blame it on a few things: hormones; the fact that when the scale DOES drop, I feel like it's okay for me to eat what I want for a day or two; and sometimes I just can't get in a full workout because life gets so busy and hectic.

I remind myself that my main focuses are my measurements and how my clothes fit. The scale is a very fickle contraption! :)


5/26/10 10:51 A

I have a problem. I keep gaining and then losing the same 5 pounds.

Does this happen to anyone else? Is it just that the scale goes down a bit, we get lax, and then it goes up again? Is it a function of metabolism? What the heck is going on here?

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