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1/17/13 11:22 A

I like to think of body weight the same way I think of temperature as the seasons are changing.

If someone gave you one single temperature reading without any other context, you wouldn't know if it was getting warmer or cooler, heading to spring or winter. A single weight reading is the same way. If I took more temperature readings throughout the day, I'd find that they fluctuated all over the place. Natural things like body weight and temperature don't like to increase and decrease in perfect straight lines. If I pull the camera back a bit more and look at a temperature taken from week to week, I might start to get a rough idea of how things are changing. Add a few weeks to that, and a pattern will definitely start to emerge. As you go back further, those jagged fluctuations become a fuzzy line that's moving in a definite direction, but you have to look at months at a time to see the trend.

With temperature, we accept that. Today it's ten degrees cooler here than it was two days ago. I'm not panicking and saying that we're going backwards and Spring will never come. I know that there will be warmer days and cooler days, and that over time both of those will be generally warmer than they were a month before. It's the same with weight. There will be days that your body weight is higher and days that it's lower. That won't change as you lose weight, or even once you get to 'goal', but that range of fluctuation will get lower as you head in the right direction. What I consider a warm day right now won't seem like a warm day in March, even though the number on the thermomater is the same.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
1/17/13 11:08 A

"Sometimes I will weigh myself a few hours after a meal." What information would you gain from this? All this would tell you is the weight of the food and liquid consumed in your body. For example, say you drank a lot of water and ate low-calorie, fiber-rich vegetables. This would have the same weight in your body as high-calorie drinks and calorie-dense foods like nuts and dried fruit. However, after it is processed through your body, one meal will leave you with a lot of unused calories that would more likely be stored as fat. The first one would likely leave your body in balance.

Food is not instantly converted to fat. Simple carbs typically have a 24-hour window, while complex carbs have a 48-hour window. Perhaps if you became more knowledgeable about how food is processed in your body, this would set your mind at ease.

And as others have mentioned, when we become this obsessed with the number between our toes, that is often the signal to step away from it. I know it sounds scary, but it really works if you allow yourself to trust the process. Instead of focusing on the scale, focus on your eating and exercise and set goals in those areas. For example, you could have a goal of walking 30 minutes every day and doing strength training 3 times a week. If you stick with that, you have succeeded for the week -- no matter what the scale says. Those steps in the process will get you to your goal.

Also, scales tell you nothing about your body fat percentage, which is much more relevant, or how fit you are. I actually weigh more than I did at my lightest weight but am a full pants size smaller. How is that possible? I reduced my body fat percentage and added lean muscles. Am I not succeeding because the number on the scale is higher? I also can exercise at an intensity I never thought possible. I'm in the best shape of my life, regardless of the number on the scale.

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1/17/13 9:51 A

Mine fgoes up and down when I am obsessed with the scale or when im gunna have my period....stay away from the scale!!!! and stay strong!

SHAKESALOT Posts: 1,334
1/17/13 1:17 A

I found I was stressing over the scales too much. A friend told me that her husband taped over the numbers and her scales now say perfect! I may have to follow the trend and cover my numbers with an uplifting word or quote. I go by the more reliable things: how my clothes are fitting, health, etc. I am thinking of packing my scales away after my weekly weigh in.

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1/17/13 12:18 A

Thank you to everyone who replied. Well, I lost almost 2 so I am encouraged now. It's just so hard when you work so hard and see a GAIN!

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
1/12/13 11:53 A

That is discouraging, gaining is always discouraging. Have you been actually tracking your calories? I know if I don't track I eat too much. Are you under-eating, below your calorie range? That can be counter-productive. Is it that time of month? Have you had more salt than normal?

Also, I am no expert but those who are say that exercising a lot can cause a temporary gain due to water retention in the muscles? I am sure someone will explain this to you much better, but it can happen.

It is difficult to gain 3.5 pounds of actual fat in one week but not that hard to gain that much in water--which luckily will eventually go away. Good luck and keep tracking.

SHARIPAM SparkPoints: (93,354)
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1/12/13 6:25 A

I read your advice and weighed myself first thing this morning, after using the washroom, naked, and before eating or drinking anything, and I have gained 3.5 lbs in the past week. I have been really watching the calorie and fat count when having meals, and I am exercising like crazy! I was hoping to go down, not up!

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
1/10/13 10:22 P

It's a mistake to concentrate so much on the scale; I agree that putting the scale away for a month is a good idea. If you can't do that, just weigh one day a week. If you can't do that, only way once a day, in the morning.

My weight can fluctuate several pounds in a day no matter what I eat. Don't weigh yourself after a meal--that's just asking for discouragement.

Weigh yourself in the morning, after using the bathroom, including a bowel movement, if possible, without clothes and before eating or drinking anything. This is about as close to your base weight as you can get.

Then stay off the scales! Remember, it is almost physically impossible to gain 5 lbs. of actual weight (that is part of your body) in just one day; that would mean eating approximately 17,500 extra calories over what you have used.

Most of the weight fluctuation we all see is water weight and undigested food. Don't drive yourself nuts checking your weight constantly.

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1/10/13 10:10 A

I did so bad yesterday and I figured the best thing to do is talk to someone about it. It started with a job interview I had scheduled yesterday at 6pm and I'll admit I was nervous about it. BUT I ate well that day and even got a run fit in before I took my shower and was ready for this interview. I feel the exercise really helped with those nervous jitters. It went wonderfully, I couldn't ask for it to go any better personally. I'm hired and I start Feb 9th to make sure I work out (its house sitting/ taking care of her pets when she goes out of town which is about once a month, not the most glamorous job but I've been wanting to do something like this for years and the opportunity just arose). I was so excited and called my parents to tell them the great news. My mother is not the most encouraging person, she is very supportive when you want to do something, but once she realizes that you're going to do it (like me getting the job) she tells me all the reasons I'm going to fail or how it won't work out. Sorry to say, but I bought a pizza right after that call and I ate half of it for dinner. I'm happy to only have gained .8 this morning. emoticon

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1/10/13 10:06 A


What you're experiencing really is perfectly normal. If you were to weigh yourself multiple times through the day, you'd notice your weight go up and down. Why ? The food you eat has weight. the water you drink has weight. I can prove it. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Then drink 3-4 glasses of water. Get back on the scale. Did you "gain" weight ? YES ! Did you gain fat ? Nope. Water retention can easily cause the scale to go up or down dramatically. I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight.

Also, not to get TMI, but when is the last time you had a bowel movement ? Not only does water have weight, but so does your body's waste products. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of all the food you ate the day before is still in your body.

If you tie your emotions to the scale, you don't want to weigh yourself every single day. you'll make yourself nuts. Instead, try weighing just once a week. These kinds of daily fluctuations really are normal.

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1/10/13 9:12 A

Hi Moon,

This is very common and the reason, our weight is not a static number--as you so wisely pointed out, our weight can vary by as much as 7 pounds in the course of a single day. The reason, our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water and anything from our diet, to our workouts, hydration and even hormones can affect the number on the scale.

Weight loss/weight gain is not based on a single weigh-in but what occurs over a period of time--what the experts call trending. This is why it is very important that you do not allow the scale to dictate your success or lack thereof.

True fat loss takes time and it is not equal to weight loss. It takes a caloric deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat. This is why we need to focus on things we can control--things such as the number of veggies and fruits we eat per day, replacing sodas with water, taking more steps throughout the day, etc. And in due time you will see results.

Hang in there!

Coach Nancy

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1/10/13 6:07 A

Fluctuations! Fluctuations! The body doesn't process everything that quickly. :)

If you want an opinion, I say put the scale away for 30 days. Back of the closet. Do not go near it. If you check it every day, you're feeding some kind of fear and panic. That's not what you need, you just need to focus on getting your health on track, not watching from the sidelines in a panic. The scale will be there again in 30. It makes it a really nice challenge because you can say ok, I've got 30 days to make that number start going down and you just have to have faith in your ability to do it!

MOONANDSTARS77 SparkPoints: (1,970)
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1/10/13 5:56 A

Well I am currently on a calorie range of 1230-1580. Sometimes I will weigh myself a few hours after a meal. I don't drink enough water and I am hooked on diet soda which I know is sooo bad for you! Thank you for your help.

MOONANDSTARS77 SparkPoints: (1,970)
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1/10/13 5:54 A

Well I am currently on a calorie range of 1230-1580. Sometimes I will weigh myself a few hours after a meal. I don't drink enough water and I am hooked on diet soda which I know is sooo bad for you! Thank you for your help.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
1/10/13 2:42 A

Can you give us more details on your eating and drinking patterns. It's hard to tell if we don't really know about your diet and fitness habits.

All I can say at this point is, watch your portion sized and nutrition habits and exercise consistently.

MOONANDSTARS77 SparkPoints: (1,970)
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1/10/13 12:44 A

I have been on a steady gain so I am panicking and weighing myself every day. Some days I weigh 5 pounds more than others.

Is this a real gain or just fluctuations? Help!!!!

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