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6/21/13 8:20 P

Did you weigh yourself on the same day of the week, at the same time, wearing (or not wearing) the same clothes, the same number of hours after your previous meal, after doing the exact same exercises (or none at all)? Was the weather the same as last time you weighed?

If not, you're going to need to wait at least one more week to know if anything is happening. Even if you did do everything exactly the same, it's still too early to know. As a woman, you really need to look at your weight at 28-day intervals. That's true even if you're menopausal; there are still hormones happening.

In the meantime, what exactly did you mean when you said you started "this" a week ago? You said "I guess I monitored my intake of fat carbs etc." Not to sound like your gramma, but do you "guess" you did, or did you actually do it? Was it just fat and carbs, or did you monitor your total calories? HOW did you monitor-- just guessing/eyeballing, or did you measure or weigh your servings and use Sparkpeople or another computer program to count everything?

It is entirely possible to eat too much healthy food. You probably couldn't eat enough to gain two pounds in a week without some junk, but you could definitely eat enough to stay the same weight if you're not counting. (And then silly water-related things or weighing at a different time made it look like you gained.)

So, in other words, it's too early to know whether you really lost a little or not. It's very unlikely that you really gained, but we would need more information about what you're doing before we can predict whether you'll see a drop soon.

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6/21/13 7:18 P

LDHAWKE - it DOESN'T mean she is doing anything wrong at all!~

There are many reasons why this happens and it does happen to a lot of people - women in particular. I assumed she started working out because a healthy lifestyle journey goes hand in hand with exercise as well as nutrition.

As I said, there are many reasons for weight gain - I gave a very common reason in my initial post. Here are some others:

* Increased sodium in the diet can retain fluid, therefore weight (check nutrition labels)

* Hormones - women tend to fluctuate throughout the month, including some post menopausal women.

* What you had eaten the previous day or two hasn't properly passed through the system.

* Whether you went to the loo prior to weighing or not (it can easy make that much difference)

* The time of day you weighed. A lot of us can fluctuate by a few pounds within the same day - gaining as the days wears on.

* Clothes worn when weighing (if you wear clothes.)

* Medications - some can cause rapid weight gain.

Sometimes it might be one singular reason and sometimes it can be a combination of more than one.

Gaining 2lb in a week is pretty hard to achieve by over-eating. That means you would have to consume 7,000 calories IN EXCESS of your needs.

IF the weight gain continues, then perhaps seeing your Dr to check the reason would be advisable.


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6/21/13 1:23 P

I'm sorry, but I don't see where the original poster stated she started working out. She said she started "this" a week ago.

If you gained two pounds after starting a week ago then yes, you are doing something wrong. After one week of eating correctly you should have dropped some water weight. Are you sure you are tracking everything you are eating? Are you monitoring your sodium intake?

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6/21/13 11:18 A

Don't stress about it! As Kris said, your body is more than likely retaining water. You're basically shocking your system now with working out and changing your food intake, so it will take a little bit for your body to adjust to it. But you feel good! And that's what matters!

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6/21/13 7:52 A

What you have experienced isn't uncommon. A lot of people notice this when they start working out. Their body retains extra fluid for a little while.

Don't worry - it's early days yet!


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6/21/13 7:46 A

I stared this a week ago and I gained 2 pounds.. I guess I monitored my intake of fat carbs etc.. Maybe just still not eating the right foods.. Although I feel good can't believe I gained. Any suggestions or did this happen to anyone else??

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