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BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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9/10/13 8:23 A

Wow, you achieved the holy grail. Lost fat and gained muscle. Congrats!

KIRSTENCO SparkPoints: (11,539)
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9/10/13 3:29 A

Agree with the others completely - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
9/10/13 12:22 A

Toss the scale and celebrate your success.

This photo says it all.

AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
9/9/13 6:44 P

I read an article in SP that reports new muscle will hold water during strength training so as to be ready for the next workout.

9/9/13 4:14 P

Don't beat yourself up about the weigh, you have lost fat and inches! Weight isn't always the final goal, fitness and health is.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
9/9/13 3:12 P

What the others said about the weight of muscle vs fat. If you're losing inches then you're losinfg fat so keep going.

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
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9/9/13 2:41 P

Yes, sort of. Other than the muscles weigh more than fat thing. A pound of muscle weighs a pound as does a pound of fat. But a pound of muscle is more dense than fat and takes up a lot less space so you can lose fat and still weigh the same or even more while taking up less space. People are generally pretty slow to build muscle and it is hard to do when dieting for weight loss so I am not sure how likely it is that you actually gained 8 pounds of muscle in less than a year. Possible perhaps, but if you were dieting for weight loss? Quite likely some of that weight gain was an increase in retained fluids. Strength training can cause the muscles to retain more fluids--this is fine and part of the process and technically lean mass increased (anything adding weight to you that isn't fat is lean mass, right?). I always weigh 2-3 pounds more if I a regularly strength training--if I take a week off for some reason I drop those pounds overnight. I kind of wonder if the amount of fluid weight would depend on how much muscle you have--I am a 5' 1" female so my guess a taller, heavier, more muscular or male person might have an even bigger retained fluid weight. Remember anything in your body--even temporarily-- contributes to your weight at that moment. This includes your hair, bones, muscle, food that is digesting, retained fluids, etc so fat is really a hopefully small proportion of the total (at least that is the goal most people have to make is a smaller percent of their total weight). I think if you lost inches you most likely lost fat since fat is kind of fluffy compared to its weight. So if you are doing things right (eating well in appropriate portions, exercising and being active, etc) and you lose inches you have most likely lost fat no matter what the scales say. This is just a semi-educated lay person opinion, I am not a professional or expert. I think the gist of what you were told has truth to it, but maybe not some of the details.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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Posts: 2,744
9/9/13 2:33 P

Yep congrats on the success!! To be perfectly fair 'muscle weighs more than fat' isn't correct. Muscle is *denser* than fat, so if you took a pound of fat and a pound of muscle, the muscle would take up less space. Make sense?

I think a lot of us (me included) put too much emphasis on the scale. It is one measure (and not a particularly good one) of weight loss. If you feel better than when you started and your clothes fit better, I wouldn't worry about it and in fact congratulate yourself on a job well done!

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,804
9/9/13 2:23 P

Got a question: Since the beginning of the year, I gained muscle mass, lost inches, lost body fat% but still gained 8 pounds! I was told not to worry about the weight gain since my muscle mass increased and my body fat percentage went down...muscle weighs more than fat...thus the weight gain. The lost inches is a plus! Was I told the truth?

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