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1/16/13 9:31 P

You are with friends who understand because we've all been there - most of us many times. Always look for the good in every problem. This has been a little nudge to remind you tomorrow morning you will get up and have a new beginning on a new day.

We can all tell you encouraging words, but you have to encourage yourself. When you have lost 5 lbs you'll heave a sigh of relief. When you've lost another 5 lbs you'll really feel a lot better. Sometimes reading some of the SP Motivation-Inspiration quotes makes me feel better.

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1/16/13 12:22 P

It's probably water weight. Dont get discouraged, the first time I was on spark the weight came off right away (that was 3 years ago) I gained about 10lbs back so started againt he day after Thanksgiving it took a bout 2 months for the scale to move But the inches were. Now Im down 15 lbs and feeling great. Your weight will fluctuate and if you are exercising you are gaining muscle which weigha more than fat so pay attention to how you fell, how your clothes are fitting (minus that time of month LOL) and other factors that let you know that you are making progress. YOu are worht it so stick with it the results will show!

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1/16/13 12:11 A

Hang in there! I'm cheering you on!!
I understand your frustration. I was in the hospital with diverticulits and was not allowed to eat or drink for over 4 days. I had IV's in my arm. When I got home I weighed myself to see how much I lost and I GAINED 6 lbs!! I was sooo mad!!! About a week later I had lost the 6 lbs plus a couple more. Water weight is weird.

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1/14/13 4:39 P

Torrie, I now it's discouraging but keep on keeping on. I've done several things over the past couple of years that have helped me. Focus & reward habits you're changing rather than lbs lost. My favorite reward is a massage &/or a facial. If the number on the scale causes a panic, you might consider not using them for a season. That worked for me. KUDOS for staying connected.

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1/14/13 3:29 P

I hate periods!!! just stay strong! once the period goes away you will be back on track stupid water weight!

1/14/13 11:52 A

I'm the type of person who retains fluid if I even THINK about extra over the years, I've learned my body's cues for know what to expect when I step on the scale. For example, if my urine flow is lesser than usual, I'm retaining water. Puffiness under my eyes? Retaining. Bloated looking stomach? Retaining. My wedding rings fit tighter? Retaining.

Although it's not "advised", I weigh myself almost daily. It keeps me in check and has really helped me learn my body (especially at that time of the month). And, if I have had something to eat or there's some factor causing me to retain fluid on the only day of the week I step on the scale, I don't find that to be accurate for me...everyone's different though...some become a slave to the scale instead of using it to be a source of information, like I do.

Take my advice and do not freak out. Watch your sodium intake and drink enough water to get your urine light yellow. The retension will subside.

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1/14/13 10:56 A


Take a deep breathe ! This really IS perfectly normal. It's water retention, nothing more. I can gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight. During my menstrual cycle, I can gain as much as 5-7 pounds during that week !

Don't let these kinds of scale fluctuations freak you out. These kinds of ups and downs are normal. Remember, unless you ate 17,500 extra calories, you did not gain fat

one pound of fat = 3,500 calories.

So, don't worry ! it's not a real fat gain, it's just water retention.

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1/14/13 10:56 A


This does not mean you are doing anything wrong. Fat loss and weight loss are not inclusive. If I want to drop 3 pounds fast all I need to do is quit drinking, go for a run and sit in a sauna for 20 minutes (this is NOT healthy) however, if I need to drop 3 pounds of fat, this is going to take time--as long as 8-12-16 weeks--depending on so many factors.

To drop just one pound of fat requires a caloric deficit of 3500 calories, however, you must remember that as your fat cells begin to shrink, your muscle cells (if you are working out) begin to make more mitochondria (the organelle in the cells that help power our workouts) which in turn require a greater demand of glycogen (stored carbs) which in turn demands water to be stored with it to aid in production of energy and the cooling off process.

So as you can see, while it seems quite simple that less in, more out would lead to a loss on the scale, it is a delicate balance of fat loss, and muscle gain which can seem like negates your effort when in all reality you are moving closer to health.

Stay strong!

Coach Nancy

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1/14/13 10:47 A

I weighed myself last Monday Morning January 7th 2013 and was 228.8
stepped on the scale this morning and was 233.8
Thats five flipping pounds !!!! What the heck!!!!! It is that time of the month, so Im hoping thats' it...but MAN!!! seeing that is heartbreaking..made me think I gaind that much weight and I was in my calorie range every day...ggggggrrrrr!!!!!!!!
I start week three tomorrow, and don't plan to weigh myself again until Next Tuesday morning at the start of week 4...but the weight isn't coming off like it did before...I AM SUPER PISSED RIGHT NOW

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