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1/17/13 9:59 P

Thanks for the encouragement and for acknowledging that we have all "been there." I just had such a long successful streak that I didn't think it was possible for me to go back to old habits. And, you're absolutely right to point out the fact that I know how to lose weight the healthy and "right" way, so I can do it again. Positive Attitude! emoticon

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1/17/13 2:54 P

Oh wow...i feel like i am the one who wrote this post, right down to the weights!! Crazy. All i can say is you are not alone. I also have put back on 5lbs to go right back where i started, just in the 2nd half of December alone! Argh. I've decided to not weigh myself like i usually do when trying to lose weight, as the number can be a discouragment because i thought i had left those numbers for good...i know what worked the first time will work the 2nd time as well, so i'm just trying to be diligent again and not let it get me down. What's done is done, it's how we deal with it that matters :)

ESPARZA307 Posts: 24
1/17/13 2:00 A

i know how you feel, i have been doing that for the past 2 yrs. I will loose some weight then, I will "reward" myself and forget about calorie counting and exercising. But this time my determination is to be around for my kids, I want to be able to see their kids. I would say find something that will really motivate you and always think about it when you feel that you are giving in to your temptations. Good luck!!!

ICANDOIT1220 SparkPoints: (30,853)
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1/16/13 11:27 P

Okay, I am pretty bummed out. I was down to my "goal weight" of 135 and hoped to lose a few more pounds so that I could stay within the range of 133-137. I gained 2-3 lbs over the holidays, which I decided I wasn't going to let it make me upset. Little by little I strayed away from tracking religiously during December (it takes forever!) and began to make up great reasons why I could "intuitively" eat what I wanted. My problem is that if I eat what I feel like my body wants, it is usually sweet and fattening. I know that my body isn't REALLY craving these foods, but some of my old habits have crept back in. How frustrating! It took me almost 6 months to lose this 5 lbs. and I put it back on within a single month. That is super discouraging. emoticon I don't want to dwell on it and over-react, but I can feel my confidence slipping and I am playing mental games with myself to pump myself back up. Just today someone at the gym told me that I look amazing. The compliment made me feel so good, but as soon as I read "140" on the scale, I was devastated. I know what I would say to someone else if this happened to them, but I can't seem to say it to myself and mean it!

Any encouraging words? One of my goals (other than tracking more religiously) is to post more messages because it is very encouraging to hear from you!

Thanks in advance.

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