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BLISSFULL5 Posts: 142
4/8/13 9:41 A

Hi all thank you for all your posts. My hubby surprised me this morning,hed booked a day off today so i could go to the gym then for an outing with me n my son.happy bunny i am again lol.might evan go to the gym a little later as well. Luckily i havnt any more parties to host and my son goes to school part time next week for 2 weeks then back to full time. I do have fitness dvds,xbox kinnect fitness,weights and kettlenetics, i have had a rowing machine and a cross trainer and weight bench but at home there is just no incentives to exercise. emoticon xx

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4/8/13 8:28 A

It sounds like you don't need to cancel the gym... you need to sit down and have a chat with your husband.

He's your partner, not your roommate, and he needs to help you with this. You're not asking for much... what, an hour? He can hang up that controller, and make you and your son a priority so that you can get the exercise you need a few times a week.

Sit down with him, make it about you, not him... explain that this is important to you, and you need his help, because you just can't get there on your own. Don't nag about the game (even though I know all too well how infuriating it is.) Don't bitch about the parents. Just say "I'm going to go to the gym regularly at XX time, and I need you to help get there.

Standing appointment. Not whenever is convenient for him.

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4/7/13 8:30 P

Gyms are fine for some, but I will say this...

I have never in my entire life used a gym, had a gym membership, or had any desire to participate in gym activities. I used to have a treadmill, after that I had an ab lounger, after that I had an elliptical.

Now all I have is a sidewalk. I feel I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I have taken up running both alone and walking/jogging with my dog. I do strength training and some of the spark Pilates videos. I feel great and the only piece of equipment I own or use are my running shoes and my resistance bands.

So don't think that you can't workout without being a part of the "gym scene". There are so many other, cheaper ways to exercise and HAVE FUN! This shouldn't be the source of stress that it seems to be for you right now. For me, self consciously trying to figure out the confusing machines for a set amount of time to burn a set amount of calories is the opposite of fun.

Find something you LOVE and do it with a smile :) :) :)

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4/7/13 2:27 P

Wow that's a lot of stuff conspiring against you! Given the hectic schedule you've got, you could probably do with a few back up options like DVDs to work out at home when you can't get to the gym. I hope this month is better than last!!! Hang in there, and stand up for yourself to have your time!

BLISSFULL5 Posts: 142
4/7/13 12:21 P

Hi all just want a rant if thats ok . 4weeks ago i decided to join the local gym, was really looking forward to "me" time. oh what a mistake!! the week i joined my son was excluded from school for 2 weeks,(he has aspergers) so i couldnt go when i wanted which was while he was at school. the following weekend i had to make up the hours id lost at work through him being excluded so was too knackered to go then the following weekend it was mums 70th bday party which i hosted and put on 5pound;-(,my eldest sister stayed with me for the weekend( she doesnt live in England) so i couldnt go then as was knackered again. Last week my little Aspie son (hes 9years old) wore me out (not physically but mentally) anyway was having a really good weekend,had my stepsons over,washed the car,went shopping today and was going to go to the gym. Hubby said we will drop you off at the gym in 40 mins then hell go to his mum n dads for and hour and then drop the boys back home then pick me up. My son was going to go with them. My son was soo hyper in the last hour and hubby wouldnt stop playing the sodding "minecraft" on the xbox. They both really(excuse the language) pxxxed me off,so didnt have a choice but to keep my son with me n not go to the gym. I was soo ready for a good session at the gym but i cant because they dont allow under 11s into the gym area GGGGGRRRRRRRR. Hubby did say hell drop me off there when he gets back but he wont be back until about 6ish, thing is i wanted to go while he was round mum n dads not when he gets back,sunday nights is normally our time. sssssooooooo frustrating anyway really thinking of cancelling gym now;-(((((

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