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6/4/13 9:56 A

CORA37 - Vibration training has valid physical therapy applications; that your friend improved after her injury isn't surprising. What it hasn't been proven is anything beyond that.

There's little research supporting this particular form of "exercise", and the fees for these studios tends to be higher than your average gym membership. Always be skeptical of someone who claims that you can get "the same effects as two hours of a traditional workout" by shaking your butt on a machine.

And if you'll notice? Most of those who advocate it usually tell you to reduce calories and do regular exercises on it.

Being supportive is not telling someone that anything they want to do is a perfect, valid technique for weight loss. WE're not supportive of fad cleanses, diet pills, or crash dieting, either. That doesn't mean we don't support the people who post here, though. We want everyone to lose weight and be healthy... without getting caught up in fads.

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6/4/13 12:03 A

COUNTRY_QT, If you were doing a search it would probably be whole body vibration. Goga is just a franchise that uses whole body vibration machines. Kinda along the lines of Curves, which many hadn't heard of until they were in most cities.

DSVKIE, I agree with you, I can understand after reading this thread why people leave this board. We need to be supportive of each other.

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6/3/13 11:54 P

SAKINAHD, I know this is an old thread but wanted to reply to you if you are still here. I found this thread because I did a search for Goga and WBV. I have family who has been using a Goga studio after her doctor suggested it to her recently. One of her patients had a knee injury and after doing WBV, she's doing better. So there must be something to it if doctors are suggesting it to their patients.

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5/10/13 9:49 P

YOGA_KITTY, you seriously made me laugh, and think about the "shut up and take my money" episode of Futurama. ;)

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5/10/13 8:19 P

I'm pretty sure if we could vibrate off pounds from our bodies, it would be talked about more... or at least pop up in the top 5 search results for "GOGA" on Google. Shady post!!

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5/10/13 7:10 P

Wow, this is so intersesting! Sounds like the workout equivalent of the diet pill. Gee, you mean I can lose weight and get fit without eating right or moving my body? Where do I throw my money?!??? emoticon

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5/10/13 6:02 P

CLNYHUS, do you have a reliable reference for your statement (since you took the time out of your day to message me to insist on mine.)

There is no reputable resource that I have found that supports your assertion that vibrating burns as much as walking. None.

You wanted my references for the risks of vibration training, so I'll provide them.

I will state that it's highly suspicious for a person to join this website and immediately start defending a fringe exercise fad without providing references.

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1/2/13 11:21 P

Wow. I just signed up for SparkPeople, but after reading this exchange, I will find another site. As a "community leader", Dragonchild, I think one should not be so negative and yes, sarcastic, to someone who is clearly just curious about something. As a nurse, I understand it's difficult sometimes to remember that not everyone has the same education and experiences, but it's no excuse to be rude and belittle someone and their attempts at fitness, even if it is not your personal choice. Snide remarks and comments about someone else's progress or lack thereof is of no help to anyone and only makes one look petty and mean.
That's certainly no quality of any type of leader I would want.
Also, your link to Mayo Clinic article did nothing to substantiate your claim that WBV is risky. It merely adds at one point, that with medical supervision it can help with back pain, balance problems, etc. I have a good friend that is a physiatrist - he says WBV is no riskier than walking, but that it is not proven to be a weight loss/fitness technique. He uses it for patients that have circulation and balance issues. So neither of us are sure what you are referring to when you say it's dangerous. Maybe falling off platform?

Anyway, the point is, be nice to each other, life is short.
I'll be moving on to a more positive website now - thanks anyway.

PS the Tough Mudder is a great goal, it's fun and a real confidence booster- just to finish it. I would say that it is very important to have a good attitude going into it and try to stay positive.
Good luck to everyone out there striving to be healthy!

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9/12/12 3:32 P

You will not find the calories burned for "GOGA" because it is not a cardio activity, and is not recommended by legitimate fitness exercise experts. It's a medical treatment. Not a calorie-burning activity (anymore than sitting in a hot room or lying in bed are.) Regardless of the claims of the previous poster.

(Who, interestingly enough, must not be having very good results from this particular activity, based on progress so far. That speaks more to me than anything else. If it works, where are the results?)

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VGARZA05 Posts: 1
9/12/12 3:29 P

Im doing the goga also i did not fibd either how many calories does ut burn i wanted to know also

6/21/12 9:40 P

I know thats what I thought of as well ! lol until I went to the studio. emoticon

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6/21/12 8:58 P

I answered your question. I'm not trying to be sarcastic at all. I'm very serious. However, for someone's first post to be promoting a questionable "fitness" technique that provides no actual weight loss benefits (it is good for treatment of certain medical conditions) is odd, when no one else has asked about it recently. It is the sort of behavior that occurs when one is spamming. I don't know if you are or not... if you're not, I'm genuinely sorry.

But again, this is not a valid weight loss technique. There is absolutely NO peer reviewed evidence that it provides any fitness benefits, therefore it is not a valid weight loss technique.

Regardless of the "real people" you've met, it's unlikely that the only change they made to their life was this risky technique. It IS dangerous without the direct supervision of a qualified MEDICAL professional.

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6/21/12 8:52 P

I've never heard of it, but the vibration thing sounds like those things you see in the oldie movies where the lady stands on a machine and wraps a strap around her butt and it jiggles her buns... Not judging, just stating what pops into my mind.

6/21/12 8:30 P

No I'm not a spammer!!!! emoticon There was another girl that asked about it b/c I answered her. If you don't have an answer for the question that was asked then don't answer...stop trying to be sarcastic and just stay off..... emoticon

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6/21/12 8:26 P

That's funny. The only person who has asked this particular question in recent memory was... you.


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6/21/12 8:18 P

I only mentioned that it was on those shows so that everyone could see what I was talking about. I have spoken to REAL people that have been going since the studio opened and have REAL results.

But nevermind I will continue to research.....I only posted this question on here because I saw that someone else had asked a question about GOGA and I figured there were more people on here that may have tried it.....

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6/21/12 7:45 P

I highly doubt any calories are burnt, you're not doing anything. Also, telling me it's been Featured on Oprah, et al, does not persuade me that it's safe or proven. Plus, if it really, really worked and the "results" we're lasting, I think more people would be thin. But, that aside, I don't see where it would burn calories.

6/21/12 7:04 P

No actually we have a goga studio that my coworker and I go to. We both have seen a difference in our inches. (We both lost some.) so I was just wondering. I did a lot of research on it because I thought it was too good to be true. But there are some benefits from it. I just couldn't find out how many calories are burned while on the machine and in the infrared sauna. It has been featured on the Doctors. /

Also on Lifetime:

and The Tyra Banks Show:

The sauna was featured on Dr. Oz and Oprah:

The studio website is

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6/21/12 5:26 P

Are you performing these workouts with the supervision of a qualified physical therapist? It is not a valid weight loss technique, and it's not a calorie burner at all. It has significant risks when not performed under the supervision of a physical therapist, and if you're doing this at a general gym, I would suggest stopping immediately before you damage your spine.

6/21/12 4:15 P

I was wondering if anyone was doing GOGA (whole body vibration) workouts? If so how do you put it on your fitness tracker?

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