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6/2/14 11:29 P

Thank you

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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6/2/14 11:20 P

"thanks all
i got Optimum Nutrition whey powder (only as supplement)

i am getting max proteins from real food, eggs for breakfast, I ate chicken for lunch, shrimps for dinner, seeds in snacks time

but as i am following IIFYM diet, i need atleast 120 grams of proteins, so rest 24 grams is by protein powder"

Sounds like you're doing perfect. Get protein from as much real food as you can, and if you need a little more to fit your goals protein powder can be the answer to achieve that without having to alter your way of eating. Powder as a supplement to just give it a little boost is the exact mindset to take

And ON is the one I go with as well. They are cheaper than many, and a bit more than the cheap end. But ON let's any idependant lab test their products at any time, and they always pass with flying colors. That piece of mind is worth an extra couple bucks per tub since supplements aren't regulated by the FDA. Plus it's pretty good tasting. Have only run into one flavor I didn't care for.

HEALTHYPRIYA SparkPoints: (18,943)
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6/2/14 2:21 A

thanks all
i got Optimum Nutrition whey powder (only as supplement)

i am getting max proteins from real food, eggs for breakfast, I ate chicken for lunch, shrimps for dinner, seeds in snacks time

but as i am following IIFYM diet, i need atleast 120 grams of proteins, so rest 24 grams is by protein powder

thanks everyone for your advices and inputs

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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5/29/14 10:00 A

A salesperson at a store tried to sell you a more expensive product? Who woulda thought that could happen....

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,212
5/26/14 4:58 P

i use body fortress whey protein its 30 grams of protein a scoop and low sugar and carbs its all i use

LIFENPROGRESS SparkPoints: (115,161)
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5/25/14 6:48 P

I prefer CLICK Protein Powder.

EROSE1311 Posts: 272
5/25/14 2:45 P

My Daughter-in-law use whey. She uses whey everyday. My Son and Her is powerlifting.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
2/4/14 10:35 P

It's silly to say that one type of protein powder isn't for women-- but the truth is, he did you a favor. You probably don't need protein powder at all. Protein powder is just a highly-processed food; they take something healthy like milk or soy and strip out everything except the protein. Using powder to get more protein is kind of like using white flour to meet your carb requirements-- technically it gets you to the number, but it misses a big part of the reason for doing it. You don't just need protein; you need high-protein foods, because those have other nutrients that make the protein work better.

And if you do decide to use powder, don't buy it at GNC! It costs much more than it should, and it's not high quality. You can get whey protein isolate from the bulk bins in higher-end grocery stores with a natural foods section. If you buy it that way, it's not only cheaper, but it's being sold as a food. That's extremely important; foods have to contain what they say and they have to follow safety and purity laws. At GNC (and a lot of other places) it's sold as a supplement, so the factory doesn't even have to be inspected to make sure it's clean. The labels often lie; they might use artificial sweeteners and say they don't, for example.

Whole foods are always the best choice, but even processed foods are better than supplements.

RITACOMPU SparkPoints: (99,106)
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2/4/14 7:50 P

did not know that myself

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
2/4/14 5:50 P

You want to use whey protein, not soy. Make sure you're using a good, clean whey protein too. Not all protein powders are the same.

SHARBEAR100 Posts: 107
2/4/14 5:36 P

Interesting that so many responding to this post use Designer Whey protein powder, as I do too! I haven't liked the taste of any of the others I've tried, and I want one with no carbs. I can get enough of those on my own! :) Not sure why the salesperson would direct you to soy protein. It upsets my digestive system, and there's no reason you can't have Whey. Maybe he's anti-milk.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
2/4/14 4:54 P

I've gotten the syrup in Wal-Mart, although I don't buy it anymore because I really don't like the taste--or the taste of any artificial sweeteners. I will probably be near the coffees.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/4/14 3:47 P

EXOTEC: I use Designer Whey too, and get it at Kroger.

HEALTHYPRIYA: If I were you, I'd go back, find that cashier, and ask them what exactly his reasoning for that is. It's junk, no doubt, but I'm curious where he gets his info.

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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
2/4/14 3:40 P

I've seen DaVincis in Sam's.... but I get mine online, by the case! LOL It doesn't go bad, so you can store it forever, pretty much.

A couple of resources:
The manufacturer's own site...

a restaurant supplier (cheaper)...

and you can also get it on Amazon, including a similar maker's product (Torani™). I've never used that brand, but it looks like the same sort of stuff.

On a wholly different topic: I also use that restaurant supplier for disposable portion-control containers. They're ridiculously cheap. I get the ~ half-cup containers in big sleeves of a couple hundred. They have lots of sizes. Makes batch cooking a breeze!


HISARTIST SparkPoints: (110,485)
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2/4/14 3:25 P

EXOTEC, where do you get the Davinci syrup?? I've seen it and thought about it for smoothie recipes, but I didn't know if it was easily obtainable.

Also, be careful of Soy protein, especially if you have any history (personal or familial) of estrogen sensitive cancers. Also, I know some women who used Soy proteins and then wound up with Thyroid issues. I'd stick with whey if you don't have digestion/sensitivity issues with milk. Otherwise, AI Sports Nutrition has an awesome vegetarian protein powder (their pumpkin pie protein powder is delish!)

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
2/4/14 3:05 P

First thing - I would never use the sales rep of a popular commercial outlet for my nutritional counseling.
I also agree with the previous poster who called into question why the attributes of milk proteins would be any worse for women than for men, assuming both can digest those proteins.

And lastly, the recommendation to use soy, in any non-fermented form, for any purpose, is definitely "not good" for ANYone... men or women, and especially children.

Do some comparative research from a variety of reliable sources and choose a protein drink which is healthy. I'm sure others here can suggest the brand(s) they use.

I use Designer Whey™, which I get through my supplement resource, VitaCost. I've also seen it in some stores - although I can't call to mind which ones at the moment. It may have been WalMart. I like the flavor and texture of the Designer Whey™; they have several flavors. If I don't want a pre-prepared flavor, I just use the vanilla and flavor it to my whim with DaVinci™ sugar-free syrup (usually intended for coffees, but an incredible array of flavors!). You can mix the powder in water, but I usually use either almond or coconut milk. The unsweetened versions of those works very well also, because you've already got all the flavor and sweetness you need in the powder and syrup. You can also buy unflavored "plain" DW™ and use it in recipes.

I'm sure others here have their favorites, too.
Hope you find one that you like!

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
2/4/14 1:45 P

I don't know why he'd think women can't have whey protein, unless he's under some misconception that it's only for bodybuilders - although there are female body builders as well. I use whey protein in a smoothie as a meal a few times a week and I have no problem it. I'd prefer egg white protein, but it is expensive!

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/4/14 10:10 A

I read the spark people article that pointed to consumer reports. That made me go to (I have a subscription) and I saw that they have evaluated some protein powders. They also have an article that was slightly different, (highlighting arsenic rather than cadmium as their interest, for example).

Not everyone realizes that supplements are not tested by the FDA. The supplement industry says, 'We'll police outselves.' Ah, the wonders of government.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,332)
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2/4/14 5:45 A

What is your reason for choosing synthetic protein over natural?

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,662)
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2/4/14 4:19 A

Below is an article with all the information that you should need regarding this.
How to Choose the Best Protein Powder
Find the Right Supplement for You


DUNJITZA66 SparkPoints: (10,681)
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2/4/14 3:01 A

The guy doesn't know what he is talking about to be honest, so i wouldn't buy there.
Whey proteins base is basically powdered milk and eggs so unless you are allergic of course you can! Try and find whey protein that is very low in sugar, carbs and fat, and i would recommend drinking it with milk. Also Soy in protein shakes in America are mostly considered GM (genetically modified) so if you do buy it- be careful which distributer you are using. emoticon hope this helps!

HEALTHYPRIYA SparkPoints: (18,943)
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2/4/14 2:39 A

There is a GNC store near my home and as i spoke to sales guy there, he said whey protein is not for woman, i should buy only Soy Protein

so before buying i want to check reviews with you guys, is that true?

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