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8/13/11 12:07 P

For me it has been more of a struggle to lose as I've aged, but slowly - I mean really slowly - like .5 lbs per week I am losing. The thing I've realized is I cannot stop. I had my first bone density test this spring and it showed the first signs of osteopenia the precursor to osteoporosis. Some type of cardio and strength training every day has been recommended along with calcium with genistein, vitamin D and magnesium supplements to try and increase bone strength. Success cannot be measured by others success as we each have our own stories. You can do this! Wishing you success.
Any time I hear metabolism boost or see diet pills I cringe and wish the supplement industry was regulated to provide proof of real performance before putting these "magic beans" on shelves. Use the money instead for a good set of hand weights.

8/13/11 10:39 A

Thank you for the encouragement. I definitely notice a difference and I'm not one to make excuses, but I really believe the hormonal shifts aren't helping. I'm just trying to eat healthy, keep working out and stick with it. It's hard feel like you're doing what worked before and have so little to show for it. I look at the pics and success stories from others with the same issues and figure that eventually it'll work for me.

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8/11/11 9:11 A

Hi - I sympathise, and think it's important to realise that the menopause does make a difference. It gets harder to lose weight, and especially around the midsection. If you are going to go for supplements I would recommend going for plant oestrogens which ease menopausal symptoms as they mimic your own oestrogen to an extent.Your doctor or pharmacist will be able to recommend something suitable.

Strength training is also particularly important at this "time of life" as it protects against loss of bone density which can lead to osteoporosis. It'll give you better muscle tone too, so you'll look and feel better.

Trust me, I've been there and done it!
Oh, and well done for ditching the junk food; that'll never do you any favours!

8/9/11 10:54 A

Thanks again for all the input. I've been a member of the site for a while, but haven't utilized all the tools on the site so I should look into it more. I see you guys have info under your names as to how long you've been a member, etc. I'll have to look into how to do that as well. I have points, levels, etc. but no clue what it means. I actually stumbled onto the site a long time ago but apparently don't utilize it as much as I could.

My frustration stems from not being able to lose the weight as quickly as I once did. I've never strength trained before, so I'll definitely look into that. Since January, I've been really, really careful as to what I burgers, pizza, fries, greasy junk food....instead it's been fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, turkey, etc. That's not to say that I haven't given in and cheated here and there, but I'm proud to say I've not done the McDonald's burger thing since January and that's an achievement in itself (busy mom of 4, my own business, etc). I slacked off on the exercise for a while after hitting it hard and seeing no results and with the hormonal fluctuations, I'm thinking I need to change things up a bit. So...I'll take your advice and do a bit of research.

I appreciate your input, advice and support. Thanks....I've seen some of your pages, photos, etc., and you are very inspirational.

Have a great day.

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8/8/11 10:06 A

Hey, Salem !

How long have you been trying to lose ? The weight doesn't magically drop off the minute we decide we need to lose. While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds, there may be weeks you don't lose. There may even be weeks you gain ! That doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. In general, it could take 6-8 weeks of healthy eating and regular exercise before a person sees a change in the scale. And that's perfectly normal.

So, don't assume something must be wrong because the weight isn't magically dropping off. This isn't the Biggest Loser. Those types of losses are just not typical.

I too would tell you to stay very far away from any so called metabolism pill. There is no pill that helps a person lose weight. If this pill really worked, everyone would be thin ! Nope, these pills are a waste of money. If you want to boost your metabolism the safe and correct way, then you need to engage in a good strength training program.

Increase your lean muscle. Muscle burns fat. Muscle is what boosts a person's metabolism, not a pill. The more lean muscle you carry, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat. And no, you are NOT too old to start strength training. I'm older than you and I strength train on a regular basis.

If you want to change your body, you've got to increase your lean muscle. If you want to lose weight, then you need to watch what you eat. Have you been logging your food ? Logging food will not only help you learn good nutrition, it will also help you learn portion control. When I decided I needed to lose, I had no idea how much food I was eating. So, try logging, you may find that even though you've been eating better, you may still be eating more than you think.

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
8/8/11 9:46 A

I was thinking what BLACKROSE wrote about - are you eating enough? If you're exercising 2-3 hours a day - that's a lot of calories you'd need to sustain that kind of calorie burn. It's more than calories in calories out - it's about finding the right balance of calories in/out to have your body work optimally. Spark suggested ranges help a lot, especially if you have a general idea of how many calories you burn a week. Also, I'd put in losing a pound a week (not 2).

I need to start doing strength, too. I was looking at the "add an exercise" tab on the Fitness Tracker - I think I'm going to start with some of those. Coach Nicole also has some videos that are short and targeted on the Fitness page

Edited to add - As for the supplements - unless you plan on taking them every day for the rest of your life - then don't take them. It's a quick fix that once you stop, you're more than likely going to gain weight back. Thousands and thousands of people have lost weight by eating well and exercising more - you can too.

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BLACKROSE_222 Posts: 4,851
8/8/11 9:29 A

Also, I would try entering all your information in Spark - including the calories you burn in a week. Sometimes people forget this part, and then the nutritional guide they follow doesn't tell them to eat enough. We need to eat to lose, if that makes sense - so eating the correct amount of calories is very important.

Lastly, are you measuring your food? Eyeballing servings can be a big culprit in holding back weight loss.

Best of luck!

8/7/11 11:09 P

I've been doing some reading tonight and I'll have to look into the strength training as well. I don't even know where to start with something like that, as I've always managed to lose the weight with the cardio but apparently that's just not going to cut it anymore.

Thanks, I'll have to do some research to see what I could do to incorporate weights into my routine.

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8/7/11 10:44 P

Agree with Scott on this one, have you tried strength training? Don't need those suppliments, have to have muscle to create a better metabolism.. Cardio alone is short term, I enjoy a better metabolism lifting weights.. I still enjoy long distance walking but thats not where I see change, I see it from results in the gym aka return of my biceps efter huge weight loss..
I don't have to fight with my weight even if pushing towards 50..
I am against all use of suppliments except what doctors recommend for conditions..

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SCOTTGARAN Posts: 2,014
8/7/11 10:38 P

Hey Salem, I would advise against them. If you posted what your workout routine is, I see a glaring problem in that there is no strength training. This is what you need as it will add muscle and kick start your metabolism. Have you tried strength training?

8/7/11 10:16 P

I'm 45, gained 20 pounds over the last year and after seeing a doctor last summer, it was determined I was at the beginning of starting to go through menopause. I really thought that counting the calories and daily hour long workouts on the nordic track as well as my 1-2 hour brisk walks every morning would help drop the weight, but it hasn't.

I was going to try some supplements from GNC ...WELLbeING® be-HOT™ Exercise Enhancing Turbopak™ to see if that would help boost the rate at which I burn calories.

I have made changes in my burgers, fries, fast food, eat fresh fruit, veggies, turkey, chicken....count calories, etc. but it's just not coming off like I believed it would. As a result, I'm becoming more and more depressed and feel the futility in even trying.

I have no problem working hard....I realize there is not fast fix or magic pill, but if someone has tried these supplements, please let me know if they're worth a try or tell me what has worked for you.

I thank you for your time and appreciate any answers/help you can give me.

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