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11/28/13 1:41 P

There is nothing in grains necessary for survival that cannot be found in other sources and most often in greater concentration. I personally replaced all grains with protein, fats, and fruits & veggies.

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11/28/13 12:28 P

I battle reflux part due to the many medicines I take, but I see different foods cause more problems than other foods.
I agree that only you can keep track of which foods are bad and which are good and at what times of the day you can eat something and get away without problems, etc.
I have also found raw tomatoes are ok, but tomato sauce is bad. Chocolate bad, onions that are uncooked bad, tea I have problems with....and the list continues on....
I have been eating more beans and high fiber foods, sometimes I have problems and sometimes I don't. If I am eating more poorly, I could have problems with a certain type of bean, but when I'm eating better, I tolerate the food.
I have to take the proton pump inhibitors, but don't because they cause me to swell too much, so I try to determine which foods I can eat and which I can't and have more luck like that.
I explain all this as an example to you. You need to follow your doctor, but you also know what you can tolerate and what you can't.
Good luck

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11/25/13 11:54 P

I battled reflux for 2 years and I discovered a couple things, mostly centered around or near bed time. Raw tomatoes are not the same as any kind of cooked tomatoes. Cooked will give me reflux. Any kind of fresh bread near bedtime will make me belch, give reflux. Any sweet desserts, especially baked goods near bed time will give me reflux/heartburn. I kept a diary for several months while trying to figure it out. Now it is gone unless I slip up and no more Nexium or Prilosec finally ! I was miserable even with the drugs for many months and when I would lay down, I bloated so bad I couldn't fall asleep and the indigestion just made it even worse.
Onions later in the day don't help much either and smaller more frequent meals did help.
Fiber did not seem to play a part in it. Hope you feel better soon. Anne

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11/25/13 8:07 P

You need to talk to your doctor about this one.

Sounds like you are on a "digestive soft" type diet. So yes, fiber is the main nutrient you are lowering. Some doctors will suggest a multivitamin-mineral supplement during this type diet for minor changes in vitamin/mineral content. Depends on the length of time the diet is used.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

11/25/13 4:19 P

Most all my adult life - especially my "be healthy, eat right" life, I've been told "eat whole grains'. and do.

But for the last 4 weeks I've been battling with dispepisa (sp?), and doc is at the "let's go with diet" route.

She's cutting out pretty much every whole grain for so-called "easy to digest" grains, including white rice and white pasta, few to no beans (which make up a staple of my diet right now), etc.

What am I losing besides fiber, on a processed grain diet like this? Is it just the fiber, and if not, do you supplement for other things?

No idea if this will fix anything, but sometimes medicine is about "hum, that didn't work, let's try this..." heh.

thanks in advance.

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