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12/16/12 9:14 P

That's so nice of you to do! Someday I hope to have the money to do things like that :)

Growing up my family was not well off, and I remember my mom putting things on layaway all the time, not just at Christmas either. I'm sure she would have been eternally grateful if someone had paid it off for her.

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12/16/12 9:09 P

Thanks, guys! I wasn't trying to brag...rather, I was trying to inspire!

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12/16/12 2:23 P

That is very awesome! emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,404
12/16/12 1:38 P

Very nice thing for you to do!

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12/16/12 1:07 P

While I was running around yesterday getting my final gifts, I stopped in Kmart. I don't shop at Kmart, I prefer Target. But last year I heard something on the news and decided to try it. I had so much fun I did it again this year.

I went to the layaway section and told the clerk I was there to pay off someone's layaway. She asked me for the name and I said, "I have $xx, pick somebody." She got very flustered, saying that was incredibly kind and looked up the names. I was able to pay off someone's layaway for them for Christmas.

I remember those days, living paycheck to paycheck, when I had to roll quarters to put gas in my car. Christmas used to be rather lean, so I can understand someone's struggles to put presents under the tree for their kids. We are in a better place now, and I know that in this economy things can turn on a dime. I was able to help someone twice...paying off their layaway, which freed up their hard earned money for something else.

Another thing I want to do is go eat in some greasy diner on Christmas Eve and leave the waitress a $100 tip. I like doing the little things like that, directly helping someone, rather than donating some amount to a faceless charity where you have no idea who you're helping.

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