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8/1/13 12:41 A


Barre Method sounds like a good workout.

But the original poster asked for "fun, non-agonizing" workouts. "Everybody strugges" and "everybody's muscles are on fire" doesn't exactly sound what they were looking for.


DAJODU Posts: 46
7/31/13 11:44 A

Personally I love biking. I try and take different routes every day. Typically my goal is to never stop, so if I hit a "red man" I just turn and go a different direction instead of waiting to cross the road (though I usually stick to residential areas anyway). I get to see a lot of neighborhoods I otherwise never would. I day dream, look at houses I think are interesting or landscaped well, or just rock out to my music. I'm also happy to cut through parking lots, park trails, etc, and wind up in a lot of strange places sometimes but it's never dull or repetative that's for sure. I also like to make mental notes of where good hills were... they can be a pain going up, but I sure as heck love flying down them!

KIMBAJL Posts: 2,763
7/31/13 9:38 A

My absolute favorite workout is Zumba! I LOVE it so much! I have no rhythm and it doesn't matter...the more you go the more you understand it and its all about just moving and getting a workout in while having fun.

I also like tabata and kickboxing.

Good luck! :)

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7/31/13 9:34 A

going for a hike or a walk around town.

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7/31/13 9:32 A

I'm kind of a weirdo, but I like my time alone so swimming and running are my favorites with yoga for relaxation and flexibility, although I haven't been to a class all summer.

I know a lot of people like zumba. My gym also offers a body pump class which is strength training in a group. You might even find the challenge of a spin class motivates you if you like a challenge.

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7/31/13 4:45 A

If your location and budget allow, you should definitely check out Pure Barre or Barre Method classes. So addictive and such an amazing workout. Everybody struggles and that's part of the beauty of the class--everybody's muscles are on fire! I look forward to my class and easily make it a priority.

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7/31/13 12:11 A

We thought exercise was incredibly fun as children. We called it " play ". Hula hooping is a great idea, as is throwing a ball/frisbee around, wading in the pool, or anything you did as a child.

This is why the NFL is promoting " PLAY" 60, not " EXERCISE " 60. We made exercise boring as we got older. Any activity will count as exercise as long as you are moving. I have a heart problem, so I limit myself to 60 minute walks , but not in a gym, on an incline. I walk along the river on the bike path, and the incline is the hill overlooking the river. I also leisurely bike, and wade in the pool. Only on a day when i feel great might I play some pick-up basketball with friends.

If you play an hour a day, you will burn calories, and have fun doing so. The only people who seem happy in the gym are the gym rat's. For them it IS fun. For strength training it is a good place to be, but we tend to stretch it into a 90 minute sentence with cardio included. If you are starting weight training, you can use resistance bands, and a set of dumbells, and with a flat bench, can work any body part. So a gym isn't necessary, and your garage may be preferable, since many of us feel like we are being judged. If you are OK with the gym, do a quick 30 minute weight training session, and get out and enjoy the warm summer. Cardio doesn't have to be the elliptical. A hike will not only work the same muscles, but will allow you to relieve some stress.

So go play, and be happy.

DEIN211 Posts: 142
7/30/13 11:39 P

Thanks guys, I might look into seeing what kind of classes they offer at the gym nearby. Who knows, maybe i'll even make some new friends :)

BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,178
7/12/13 9:08 P

I guess I'm just going to chime in and put a second on what some of the others have said. Richard Simmons' Dancin' to the Oldies is a lot of fun, Zumba sounds like fun but I haven't done it so far, and the walking in the park is great. I have a friend I try to walk with and we get to really walking along as we visit which helps me to get a faster walk in than I might on my own. You can probably find some walking trails in your city unless it's REALLY small (the town I walk in is less than 10,000 and they have two walking trails) which helps you to be able to track distance as well as time. Just don't forget to check the time before you start and as soon as you finish if you want to track miles in the fitness tracker. Lots of great ideas on this blog!

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7/12/13 9:08 P

For a person who inherently prefers to be sedentary, exercise will not be fun by itself.

My take in making exercise fun is by mixing it up with a favorite activity. For example, if you like to socialize, choose a group of people who regularly exercise, and socialize with them. While socializing, the difficulty of the exercise won't be felt so intensely. If you like to listen to music, try to listen to music only when you are working out, I mean, save it for working out so that you won't find it so repulsive. But don't listen to music when you are not working out, at least leave a good chunk of your listening for working out. If you like to read, read only after you exercise, as a reward, and never otherwise. These will condition your brain over time to like exercise. Once you like it, then exercise will be fun by itself anyway, but still keep mixing it up with your favorite activities just to be sure. All these are from personal experience, not from what I have read elsewhere.

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7/12/13 8:40 P

Many people find dDance DVD's that you can do at home to be a great fun workout.

Walking is a great exercise to start out with, and if you can do it in a park, or a trail in a natural area, it can be considerably more engaging and mentally relaxing than walking on a treadmill.


KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
7/12/13 7:42 P

My go-to fun exercise is zumba. Just keeps me smiling even though i'm sweating

NSMANN Posts: 979
7/12/13 7:24 P

I swear by walking at an incline on a treadmill that supports such a thing. The incline can be anywhere from 5% - 15% -- whatever gets your heart rate up and feels comfortable. You get a good workout that doesn't feel like "work". Bring some podcasts to cut out the boredom factor.

SPYDEZRA Posts: 88
7/12/13 3:50 P

I second the person before me who mentioned Zumba. There are tons of videos on YouTube that you can follow along with, and I find that the minutes just fly by when I'm doing it.. Leaves me covered in sweat but it's so fun!

I also used to take a Spin class and looked forward to it every week. The best part about Spin is that you can set your own resistance on the bike and nobody will be the wiser, so the class can be as hard or as easy you want.

Try out every form of exercise you can, and I'm sure you'll find something you love. Good luck on your journey!

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7/12/13 3:45 P

For some who don't like exercise, an energizing class or working out with friends helps. The camaraderie can help overcome the reluctance. You might not want to exercise, but you look forward to being with your friends.

SARAJANE_82 Posts: 127
7/12/13 2:58 P

I love my hula hoops! They are so fun. Check out hoopnotica for great adult size hoops and instructional videos on how to learn to dance with a hoop. It is loads of fun.

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7/12/13 1:53 P


Do you like to dance ? take dancing lessons. Most people don't realize that dancing is fabulous cardiovascular exercise. If you don't want to take formal lessons (could be expensive), how about checking your local gym for something called ZUMBA.

Zumba is a Latin dance based cardiovascular workout. So, if you enjoy Latin dancing, you'll love Zumba.

How about martial arts ? You could try Tae Kwon Do or Kick boxing or regular boxing. How about golf ? or swimming ? or cycling ? Exercise can be anything you want. it's all good !!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/12/13 12:32 P

I really love strength training. Setting goals, adding a little more weight, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saying "WHOA I have a muscle there!", feeling strong, all reasons why if I can only do half my workout time I prefer to cut the cardio half and keep the ST half. Check out Scott Herman on youtube, he has very accessible videos on different ST exercises that are informative for noobs to pros to everyone in between - and maybe book a session with a personal trainer to put together a circuit for you and enforce proper form from the get-go.

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7/12/13 12:25 P

What did it for me this time was running. (And I was super out of shape, too, when I started. Running for a minute straight--which is what the C25K plan specified the first week--seemed impossible.)

If running isn't your thing, I have seriously gotten a big kick out of Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies. It's just so fun and goofy, and with good music, that I really enjoyed it.

If you have a Wii, I also liked the Wii Fit stuff a lot.

DEIN211 Posts: 142
7/12/13 12:21 P

I'm kinda starting to understand now that working out doesn't have to be all "BOO, I DUN WANNA" but can, in fact be engaging and sometimes, dare I say.. fun?

I'm looking for new ideas to give me something to start from. I'm starting out so whatever it is has to have a "I'm super out of shape" starting point. Basically, I'm either looking for new twists on old ideas or just something that can convince a lazy person (me) that, hey this isn't so bad, when can we do it again?

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