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4/5/13 2:49 P

Do you have a gym membership ? Many gyms offer Zumba for free as part of their class schedule. If you don't have a gym membership and want to try the Zumba DVDs, check your local library. Your local library is not only a great resource for books, but you can borrow DVDs too. Since Zumba has become so popular, they may carry them.

Also, if you can't afford the Zumba dvds, there are tons of other Latin style dance workouts you could try instead. check your library and check, they carry thousands of different DVDs and if you look, you may find many for cheap from the amazon sellers.

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4/5/13 9:42 A

I tried a sample Zumba class at my work and really enjoyed it....but I am a total beginner and don't have the resources to pay for a class.

So can anyone recommend a Zumba DVD that is fun, effective and good for beginning Zumba enthusiasts?

Looking forward to some great ideas! emoticon

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