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7/31/10 1:21 A

thank you everyone for your help :)

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7/31/10 1:10 A

Ooo, I didn't know this.

I buy totally natural peanut only peanut butter, but I hate how it separates, because the first half of the jar, no matter how hard I try to stir it, is all extra-oily, and the bottom half is all dry. XD

I don't have much myself.

7/30/10 9:47 P

As the previous poster said, when the fat is fully hyrogenated it does not contain the trans fat, but it does increase the saturated fat. This is the way the manufacurer keeps the peanut butter consistency so that that fat does not seperate and come to the top, as in "natural peanut butter". While this type peanut butter does contain more saturated fat, it can still be part of a heart healthy diet.

dietitian Becky

7/30/10 11:22 A

This is fine since fully hydrogenated oils do not contain trans fat...and thanks for asking because I learned something new as well...for specific details see below!

"The fully hydrogenated vegetable oil shortenings...contain no trans fats. This is important because trans fats are bad for your arteries and may lead to cardiovascular disease."

Read more at:

JERSEYDEBBIE23 Posts: 26,636
7/30/10 11:11 A

Although i'm not much of a peanut butter lover I purchased and had on occasion when I needed more fat in my daily diet, some reduced fat peanut butter creamy spread (actually Shoprite brand) that contains Fully Hydrogenated vegetable oils. Is this bad or good for me?

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