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What's your current height? What is your current calorie range, and how much are you eating each week?

If you are in a normal BMI, you may find it difficult to lose much. The less we have to lose, the harder it is to lose it; even if your goals are reasonable, it may be that your body has its perfect weight that doesn't jive with that number. For example, the numbers tell me that 145-150 is "ideal" for me, but I don't look healthy there, so my current goal is 155-160.

What is your body fat percentage? That may be a healthier way to track your progress now if you're in a healthy BMI already.

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I go to a gym here on campus. The only issue with me and a personal trainer is, is that I work 40+ hours a week and am also a full time student, so usually my gym time is in the morning hours or odd free time days. I do get a solid workout in weekly, and eat a good diet. I understand there won't be quick results, but even though I've only been a member on spark people since January, I've been working on my figure for 5 years now. I did recently jsut switch up my program though.
Thank you for your insight and encouragement! :)

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Do you go to a gym? It might be worth investing in a personal trainer that can help you to reach your goals.

Try not to put too much emphasis on quick results. If you're hitting the gym and eating solid, wholesome foods, then you will meet your goals. You have to be patient though.

Also, you have to have confidence in yourself. Love you for you and not just the way you look. It almost sounds like you put all your emphasis on looking a certain way, which is really society's fault. Keep working hard and it will all fall into place.


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Okay, so I have been working on improving my health since I was a freshman in High school. At the time I weighed around 300 pounds. I got into football and started training hard and eventually worked my way down to a solid and strong 245 pounds. Def healthy football weight. I decided not too play in college and just started focusing on getting in general shape and being healthy. I started on the spark people program faithfully in January and have worked my way down to a healthy 205-210 pounds range. I am in good muscular stature, I am currently working on training for 5k races, through spark your way to a 5k, and I burn on average 3500 calories a week. I recently upped my calorie intake because I have too if I am burning this many calories. Sadly for me, I have seen my weightloss stop here even though I continue to get in shape. I am pretty slim now and in great shape but I am not satisfied with my body. I have asked several educated opinions and they think that I am at a good weight, and the look I am aspiring for is "unrealistic". I just don't want this too be a reality. I know if I lower my calorie intake my musle structure will start to decline. I am just frustrated because I honestly don't know what to do from here. I want excess fat trimmed. and YES I have tried fat burners.. yes they work! Really! But not to the extent I was looking for I guess. Just wanted to vent that out there. Any thoughts?

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