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CJURICK Posts: 202
1/17/13 10:25 A

MISSRUTH- that was my exact scenario yesterday- Applebees. :) It makes sense what both you and JODILHERNANDEZ said about dates items are loaded, different areas of the country, etc. I've found the most time consuming part of taking on this tracking tool is getting the foods I eat regularly loaded to my favorites because I've had to enter so many of my own (or search through 10 that people have already loaded before I find one that's consistent with what my label says). It can be a bit daunting to someone starting out and gets SO much easier the more you build your database. It would be great if there was a "quick add" where it was more of a note field where I could just make sure I'm writing down an item so I don't forget it, but at the time don't have the time to look up all the nutritional information...

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
1/17/13 9:51 A

Some of those entries were put on years ago. Both restaurants and commercially prepared foods, "tweak" their food items, changing the nutrtional information. A great example of this is when a manufacturer makes, say, a candy bar a little smaller but continues to charge the same price. The serving size became smaller, so the nutritional information is now different.

We ate at Applebee's last weekend and when I went to enter what I ate in the Tracker, there were maybe a dozen entries for what I had, and not a single one of them matched the info from Applebee's website. I just picked the one that was closest, rather than enter all the info myself. I don't often eat at Applebee's so it's not worth it (to me) to spend the time entering all the info.

1/17/13 9:47 A

it is because useres upload the data and add their own when frustrated. When you added a food you added one more. But having said that I have found that the calories can vary somewhat between what my label says and what people added. I dont know if different parts od the country have slightly different products but it pays to be vigilant. You can save your favorites for quick reference, It will get easier.

CJURICK Posts: 202
1/17/13 9:41 A

I haven't been on SparkPeople long, but have found it an incredibly useful site- extremely comprehensive compared to so many wellness sites, with one exception... I am baffled by the the search function and why search results bring back so many DIFFERENT results of the same food. I'm talking about mainly commercial foods, whether store bought or restaurant foods that have published nutritional content. Are there really 5 different nutritional labels for Prego Traditional Italian Sauce?? I just don't get it. 9 times out of 10 I have to create my own item.

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