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5/19/13 3:43 P

Thanks Becky, I will actually give her a call on Monday. emoticon

5/19/13 3:18 P

At the first class, let the educator know about your allergies, etc. (if he/she does not know already)
This will give the educator several more weeks to collect resources for you.


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5/19/13 2:34 P

Thank you for the input. I've met once with a RD/Educator for Diabetes and will be attending a class starting in June every Tuesday for 2 hrs. over a 5 wk. period. I'm hoping this will help me and alleviate most of my questions and anxiety. I am truly looking forward to these classes!!

Thanks again,

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5/17/13 9:01 A

Ditto what Becky said. After you see a registered dietician/ diabetes educator, turn the Spark generated meal plans off, and enter your own foods based on the plans the dietician gives you.

When the Spark plan says, for example, 1 slice whole wheat bread-- what it means is, one serving whole grain. Doesn't have to be whole wheat bread, could be any whole grain that you can eat. When Spark says 1 serving nuts, what it means is, protein and healthy fat. When it says peas, it means a starchy/ green vegetable. Depending on how your carb intake is for the day, you could substitute corn (starchy vegetable) or green beans (non-starchy but green). Basically, the meal plans are a "go by", not an absolute, "you must eat these foods". They give you an idea of how to combine the right amounts of carbs, fat, protein into your meals and snacks, but they're not a carved-in-stone "plan" per se.

5/16/13 12:56 P

You should ask your doctor for a referral to meet with a Registered Dietitian for the diabetes. This is the first place to begin. The dietitian will give you a meal plan for carbohydrate control for your blood sugar and also be able to give you substitution ideas for other grains to use in place of foods with gluten. The dietitian will also be able to share label reading info so you avoid products with nuts and then alternative protein food sources.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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5/16/13 12:49 P

Do you have access to a nutrionist? Especially with your recent diabetes diagnosis compounded with other allergies, your doctor should be able to refer you to someone to help meet your needs to make sure you're eating what you need to.

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5/16/13 12:47 P

Hi, I'm Marianne and am 57 y/o. I have severe allergies to all nuts, peas, non-celiac gluten intolerance, hypothyroidism and in February, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I am having a difficult time with the meal plans because so much about what is suggested are foods that I cannot eat (i.e. nuts, wheat, products with gluten, peas). I've finally figured out how to add my foods to the nutrition page, yet I NEED suggestions in how to get the appropriate amts. calories, carbs, fats and protein in the foods which I can eat! How can I get this advice and help?

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