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1/23/12 3:33 P

I know...peach punch is my weakness :( But I suppose I should stop getting it. I really like eating yogurt because I don't like drinking milk. :/ What yogurts do you suggest? And usually I eat 2 meals and a lot of snacks. The plate idea is cool. I know I should try to change that. Also, there's this place really near me called "the loop" and basically it's this 3 mile path around town that a lot of people walk. I've been getting my sister and friends to walk it with me. And Nova loves going out in her stroller!

1/23/12 12:11 P

As you already stated, your food records are not complete. So as you already know it is difficult to get a realistic idea of what is going on.

I know that you are a mom with a little one, and you are being pulled in a million directions daily.

I suggest that you focus on daily exericse, 30-40 minutes of possible. Put your little one in a stroller and go for a walk.

Regarding your food. Eat 3 meals daily and have 1-2 snacks. The snacks should have no more than 100 calories each. For the meals, use the Choose My Plate eating plan. Measure your plate, it should be only 9 inches in diameter. Divide the plate in fourths.
1/4 for a lean meat or protein item
1/4 for a starchy vegetable, grain, pasta, bread, roll type items
and 1/2 your plate with a fruits and/or vegetables.

Give yourself 1-2 glasses of low fat milk daily.

See this link for more:

If you use lean meats and dairy foods, no high fat sauces and gravy, limit the sweets, candy, pastries...This plate plan will give you about 1300-1500 calories. See if you can stick to this type plan by using your plate. See if this brings about weight loss for you without counting calories. You may find it a little easier.

SP Dietitian Becky

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1/23/12 1:09 A

I noticed that you are drinking your calories (punch, orange juice etc..)

When you drink your calories you tend to get hungrier faster. It's better to fill up with food instead of calorie dense liquids.

One small orange has only 45 calories!

Also, cereal is not very filling because it has sugar and they are usually low in fiber and protein. Consider switching your breakfast. Look for foods high in fiber and protein.

I eat beans, egg, ham and veggies for breakfast.

If you are going to keep the yogurt, look for one with more protein and less sugar.

Good Luck!!

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1/23/12 1:06 A

I went to check your tracker, but it didn't give me much info. Did you eat breakfast on Sunday? Or just didn't get a chance to track it, as you have an infant at home (who is adorable, by the way!).

Are you eating 3 meals plus snacks, or 5 small meals per day? It can help to space out your eating as well.

Plus, drinking water helps to fill you up, along with the protein and fibre suggestions made already.


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1/23/12 12:46 A

Ok, I made my nutrition tracker public. I'll just tell you now though that I haven't tracked all the foods I'v eaten on it. It's difficult to always get a minute to do that.

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1/22/12 9:54 P

I agree, more protein and fiber. Try using something like benefiber in your morning drink (I put it in my protein shake and I seriously am not hungry again for like 6 hours). Protein bars also help when I get hungry in the afternoon. Good luck!

1/22/12 2:59 P

We would need some additional information to give helpful suggestions.
What is you SP calorie range?
What is your typical daily calorie intake? How much protein are you getting daily?
If you do make your food tracker public, we can give more helpful suggestions. Let me know if you need the steps do to this.
SP Dietitian Becky

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1/22/12 2:29 P

Are you getting enough protein and fiber? Protein and fiber will stick with you longer than carbs. Lots of veggies? Most veggies, especially leafy greens, are so low in calories that you can eat a pretty large volume (helping you fill up).

How long have you been changing your intake? I eat more, when it comes to volume and flavor, than I ever did when I wasn't eating properly, but it has taken some practice and a lot of experimentation with different foods, flavors and cooking methods. Sure, I still occasionally crave something that has more calories and fat than it does nutritional benefits, but in general, I can eat such large quantities of the healthier foods that I don't really have room to crave more.

If you make your food trackers public, you can get specific advice on things you could add/subtract or substitute.

Honestly, the "dieting" frame of mind is precisely what is tripping you up, in my opinion. Enjoy your food, and don't spend too much time thinking about what is "good" or "bad." Just do your best to build a relatively healthy intake and gradually improve it with time as you find more and more healthy things that really satisfy you. If you expect perfection right away, you're just going to stress yourself out.

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1/22/12 2:14 P

I have a problem with my diet. I'm hungry every 30 mins, even after I just ate a full meal. I am snacking all day. I switched out some unhealthy foods for healthier ones. Whole wheat bread instead of white. Some low fat cheese slices and sliced veggies for chips and crackers. But even with these lower calorie healthier foods I'm still always hungry and STILL going over my calories. I'm gaining weight instead of losing it, and I'm getting to the point where thinking about tracking my calories and exercising is STRESSING me out! Which probably isn't helping me lose weight. I really love eating. It depresses me when I think about dieting, but I really want to lose weight. I'm just not in the dieting state of mind. :(

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