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10/10/12 7:04 P

Weigh yourself once and then try to wait a month prior to weighing yourself. Sometimes it takes the body awhile to adjust and stepping onto a scale when its not moving is unmotivating, even though your body is making progress.

But something you said in your first post stared glaringly out at me: you wrote something along the lines that you know that you should also change what you eat, which suggests to me that you think that you could make an improvement in that area.

Even though it can be a pain, tracking your food is one of the only ways that I've been able to hold myself accountable and successfully lose weight. I suspect that it might be the same for you.

You will figure it out though, i have confidence! Don't lose sight of your goals.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,697
10/10/12 4:51 P

Are you logging your food and staying within your calorie range?

10/10/12 2:28 P

Yes, I quit soda a couple years ago. I do need to up the water. After walking for month I do have better stamina and that I like very much. I did my measurements and that made me feel worse. Oh well, I guess it is just what happens when you turn 50. I hate how it accumulates in the middle.

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10/10/12 1:04 P

I noticed this first 20 lbs. in the muffin top. But GNEDWARDS is right, are you drinking enough water, have you cut down on the soda or totally thrown it out of your eating habits (that was my downfall, I drank Pepsi, like it was going out of style). When you cut down on soda, even if it's diet, you will lose a lot of "water" weight at first. Drinking soda makes you retain water because of the sodium in it. Drinking water will help flush out your system too. If you don't like the way it tastes, try putting something like Crystal Light or Mio in it. And I find it easier to drink 2 pt. bottles of water instead of 8 8oz glasses. Adding more fresh fruits and vegetables too, will help you feel full without adding tons of calories. Search here or on the web for recipes and try them. Or modify some of your favorites using fresh and not processed foods in them if you can. Try using olive oil if you have to sautee or fry something. Just tricks my doctor and others told to me when I started this journey.

Feeling the difference in how your body is reacting to your normal routine too, energy, not being as tired or sleepy, the desire to go do something you've not done in a long time. Or just the need to move more.

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10/10/12 12:43 P

Well, are you drinking enough water? If not, you could retain fluid. Are you eating a lot of salt? If so, you could also retain water. Have you actually weighed yourself? You could possibly be losing weight in other places than your waist? It’s frustrating, I know. The first 10 pounds I lost made me go down a bra size! Ha!

Can you feel changes in how much energy you have? Are you able to walk longer than you were before? There are so many different ways to see the changes in your body other than how your clothes are fitting.

Keep up the great work!!

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10/10/12 11:36 A

My diet isn't that bad. If I were eating 3000 calories per day I could understand. I have had a few bad days of eating after 8 pm and eating cake and ice cream but all in all I eat well. Thinking of trying weight watchers again.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,697
10/10/12 11:29 A

You can "up the workout" and still not lose, as you cannot out-train a bad diet.

Weight loss is 80% nutrition... you need to get that under control first.

10/10/12 11:16 A

I am so tired of my clothes fitting tight. I have been walking everyday for a month. I know I need to "up the workout" but really not motivated when I'm not losing and actually gaining. I know too it is what and when I eat.

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