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8/31/13 1:12 P

If you're getting the red warning then you should increase the number of calories you intend to burn each week on the fitness planner, this will automatically adjust your calorie range

8/31/13 12:01 P

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The sensation of hunger is controlled by fat intake so fats are necessary at each meal. Protein is also a hunger controller/. Your reported diet is very carbohydrate heavy and deficit in both protein and fats. Take a look at the macro nutrient percentages in the Zone Diet and try to have each meal meet them, The percentages are 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% good fats.

Add some full body and major muscle group compound exercises to increase your basal metabolic rate with an increase in muscularity.

AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
8/29/13 5:59 P

My SP plan gives me 1200 to 1600 calories per day to lose 20 # over 3 months, a little over 2 # per week. I make sure I get at least 15 gm protein at each meal. I try not to consume more than around 13-1400 cal/ day and that I stay within the fat allowance of 60 gm/ day. I eat before I am starving and am losing approximately 2 #/ week. However, I don't rack up the calories burned like you, usually under 200 cal/ day as I am 66 and out of condition. Sounds like you need to increase fat/ protein at each meal to sustain between meals. Be sure to log all those calories you are burning to commute, etc then your SP plan will increase the daily calories allowance, otherwise you may start burning muscle which you don't want to do to make up for the hunger you feel.

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8/29/13 4:24 P

If I am wrong in my suggestion, hopefully, someone will call me out on it. If you are worried about losing lean muscle, increase your protein consumption (Greek yogurt, cashews, beans, peanut butter).

IDNAMI Posts: 8
8/29/13 4:15 P

When biking starts to get too easy I'll have to bust out my pink and purple princess jump rope.
Also my bf showed me some exercises he does and now 10 lb dumbells is PLENTY! Owwww.
Since I'm super energetic I think I'm just going to stop counting calories altogether and just focus on burning them. I know for most people the challenge is finding time to exercise. I don't have that problem. I bike to and from work, do crunches, squats and lunges in my office and work out with weights at home 2-3 days a week. I've been doing this 3 weeks and I'm looking and feeling much better. I'm less focused on the scale and more on the fit of my clothes and how much I like my reflection in the mirror. I'm taking being constantly hungry as a good sign that I've begun burning more calories at rest and can stop being quite so strict.
Thanks everyone for your advice.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,763
8/28/13 7:19 A

I'm not sure how much weight you've set the program to lose per week, but I'd suggest 1/2-1 pound per week based on how much you have to lose. It's not realistic to lose much faster, and you might find changing that increases your calorie range.

As far as your commute goes, I think you can track it as exercise for a while because it's new. But after 4-6 weeks of doing the same thing all the time, your body gets used to it, so that's not going to help with weight loss like it did in the beginning. You might find you have to go to the gym (or find another activity you like better) in order to continue seeing results. I would also recommend a challenging, full-body strength program twice a week, especially if the weight you've been using is starting to feel too light.

As far as food goes, make sure you're having some healthy fat and/or protein with every meal. Your breakfast sounds good, but you could probably swap out some of the fruit for protein (like an egg or peanut butter) and that might help you feel more satisfied. Also make sure you're getting enough fiber, since that helps with feelings of satiety. If you find you're still hungry, and you can continue seeing results by eating above your recommended calorie range, it's okay to do that. Everyone is different so you need to find the right calorie range for you.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

IDNAMI Posts: 8
8/27/13 9:35 P

Currently 152 trying to get down to 130, but I'll be feeling way better by 140. It doesn't change when I enter exercise. I just get a warning that if I'm doing too much I may want to change my fitness goals to avoid having too few calories to burn. Apparently I'm supposed to be around 1,340 - 1,690 per day but I'm at the high end of that and hungry constantly. As in minutes after eating a healthy meal. And I'm reading all this stuff that says too much cardio can mess you up. But again I don't want to give it up because it's also how I get around. I've been told, "oh you just don't need that much cardio" but either I do the full 16 km each way or I don't and then have to go to the gym on top of my daily commute instead of combining them as I prefer.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,763
8/27/13 7:51 P

When you plug your exercise into the fitness tracker, what calorie range does the SP program give you? What is your current and goal weight?

Coach Jen

8/27/13 6:08 P

Choose your calories wisely so as to increase satiety.

8/27/13 5:54 P

"Just wondering what dietary changes I need to make to sustain my current level of activity while still losing weight?"

If you're always hungry, eat more.. but not so much that you're no longer in a calorie deficit.

IDNAMI Posts: 8
8/27/13 4:11 P

Exercise is kind of an all or nothing deal with me. I absolutely HATE the gym. It needs to be part of my actual lifestyle and accomplishing something besides just burning calories. For this reason biking is my preferred mode of transportation, and up until 2 knee injuries with a long, Canadian winter sandwiched in between I was in pretty good shape. Then I got hurt and gained like 20 lbs.
Anyway, my work commute is 16 km (10 miles) in each direction which adds up, at my current rate of speed, to about 100 min a day, 5 days a week. I enjoy this, I feel awesomer by the day and have dropped a pants size in just 2 weeks. Prior to my injury I worked 5 km away and was a little chunky.
I am doing some strength training as well. I sit on an exercise ball at work and have challenged myself to do a set of 20 crunches anytime I have nothing else to do. Plus I've been working out with 10 lb dumbells which is beginning to feel too light.
However, depending which source you read I am a) awesomely healthy and on the way back to a cool size 6 or b) burning muscle and risking injury and metabolic screwiness.
I will say I think I need to eat more. I've been keeping it to about 1600 calories a day, give or take, and lately I find I'm hungry all the time. Today I had a banana and strawberry smoothie plus a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast, some leftover chicken fried rice (1/2 cup) with veg at midmorning and 4 oz of chicken breast with a big salad for lunch. Lunch was half an hour ago and I'm looking hard at an apple which is all I have left at work with me.
Anyway, I love my rides. They get me to work faster than the bus and besides feeling ravenous all the time I feel amazing, like my blood is sparkling! Just wondering what dietary changes I need to make to sustain my current level of activity while still losing weight?

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