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1/21/13 11:11 A

I buy a lot of frozen items as well, but also if you notice that something is starting to go soft but you can still eat it (like a bell pepper or fruit), I chop it up and throw it in stir fry or into a smoothie. Bananas are great for that, and spinach as well if it is starting to wilt. It cooks very nicely in a skillet with other veggies and a protein such as chicken.

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1/21/13 10:23 A

I also buy frozen fruits and veggies when I can or I buy single serving sizes such as the single bags of apple bites or the single serving of pineapple. It seemed at first that it was more expensive but then I realized I was throwing away just as much money as I was spending on the single serve. I also like the single servings because they are easier to pack for lunches or snacks.

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1/21/13 10:20 A


I too buy frozen veggies and fruits--and those that are in season (tend to be cheaper) However, apples can last for several weeks before going bad.

Coach Nancy

1/21/13 10:08 A

I buy frozen veggies so I can make a portion at a time. Same with frozen fruit. I can eat a whole bag of lettuce in a week before it goes bad, but I bag it in a grocery store plastic bag and then bag that in another grocery store plastic bag before storing. I find it stays good for 6 days before going bad, if not longer. Frozen might be your best friend.

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1/21/13 10:06 A

I find myself constantly throwing away fruits and veggies that have gone bad. One part of me knows its because I'm lazy and I'm just not used to my food expiring so quickly! But it's also just me eating them and sometimes it's hard for me to finish that whole bag of spinach or carrots without getting bored first-so what are your tricks to making sure your fruits and veggies don't go bad or how do you buy them to prevent this from happening?

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