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7/7/14 4:22 P

My son is in a developing nation and while he isn't supposed to eat raw fruits/vegetables, he can eat them cooked. Maybe look for some local soups/stews?

Will you have cooking facilities?

Jars of pb would cover some protein. My daughter loves Kind bars. Pack dried raisins, dates, prunes, apricots, Martinelli makes a nice dried fruit mix.

I sent my son with granola bars and flavored water drops. I figured he would tire of bottle water so that would give him some variety and granola bars because of the time change - he might be hungry when everything is closed and the first few days he wouldn't know where to buy snacks he could keep in his room.

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7/7/14 1:13 P

It's also not difficult to dehydrate/bake your own kale/sweet potato chips. That way you can control the sodium/spice levels yourself.

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7/7/14 12:49 P

KIND BARS AND LARABARS are good but after one straight weeks of eating them, I was pretty much done with protein bars. Do you have any favorites? I think I won't take 40 plus Cliff bars this time (lol). Although, I did end up sharing with my team members last time. I will look into how well kale chips will hold up to the heat; I have heard they are delicious. I always have a bias for dehydrated veggies because the trade off is you get veggies but at the cost of tons of sodium and being sodium sensitive I would have to try it out before leaving.

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7/7/14 12:40 P

@ previous poster: Fresh vegetables and fruits are often forbidden to be brought into countries, though I have no idea what regulations might be where the OP is going.

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7/7/14 12:39 P

Dried and dehydrated fruit from a health food store -- there's a lot of varieties and probably there are some you'd like.

"Fruit and nut" style bars -- they typically have less added sugar than your average cereal bar or equivalent does. Some varieties of Kind and Larabars fit the bill, probably others. Again, a health food store will have the greatest variety, and the best likelihood of selling you a whole box instead of having to buy them per bar.

You can probably buy stuff like kale chips, snap pea crisps, maybe other types of fried or dehydrated vegetables, at a cost of a whole lot of salt. But it'd be worth it to me. Once more, health food store for best variety.

Besides that I'm at a loss.

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7/7/14 12:33 P

Carrots (especially if you bring whole carrots with you and cut them up as you need them) can last a while without a fridge, as can apples. Here's a list of things that don't need to be kept in the fridge:

Do you like edemame? Those are pretty tasty to snack on as well.

Also, is there a way for you to buy raw, local vegetables and wash them yourselves in the hotel (assuming the hotel bathroom sink water is potable)?

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7/7/14 12:30 P

Would Lara bars/Kind bars be ok?

BETHANY112 Posts: 33
7/7/14 12:26 P

I was going to take peanut butter and almonds. Jerky is too salty, I agree. We are living in a hotel and don't have access to any kitchens.

7/7/14 12:15 P

How about some nuts and unsweetened dried fruit. Can you find a source of cooked vegetables, that should remove issues with water quality. You are going to be short of options without reliable refrigeration for other protein sources, although if you can stand the salt jerky is easy to travel with.

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7/7/14 11:47 A

Happy Monday! Me and my husband are going to West Africa for a mission trip in a few weeks. I went last year and took snacks since their is not much to eat their except for fish, chicken, french fries and rice. We aren't allowed to eat the vegetables the locals prepare since it is washed with non-bottled water, which is harmful to us. Point being, we go two weeks without any vegetables. Their are bananas, mangos and pineapples to eat, but that is a treat, depending on whether we can find a streetside vendor. Last year I took applesauce in a packet, cliff bars, flash dried fruit and cereal bars. Very few of those options were any good, except for the applesauce. Any ideas for fruit or protein snacks that I could take that would do okay in the hot environment? (I almost afraid to ask but how can I get in my veggie fix while there? Any clues or ideas??)

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