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3/15/11 3:41 P

They weren't exactly smoothies, but when my husband was going through a 'juicing' phase, he'd make drinks by juicing mostly apples and carrots together.

They were delicious, but I gained about 4 lbs. in a two week period when I had two a day. (I wasn't 'dieting' otherwise; I'm always pretty active.)

Your base is orange juice, which has a lot of sugar and fairly high calories, depending on how much you are using.

I think it could well be the smoothies which are causing weight gain. Have you figured how many calories each one contains? Just how big are they?

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3/15/11 2:00 P

If this is all the fruit you use all day, shouldn't mean weight gain..


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3/15/11 1:27 P

With the smoothies i made sure to measure everything out and log it in my nutrition. Even with the smoothie I manage to stay within all my ranges. I was just wondering if the sugar in the fruit and juice could be causing me the issue. Before the smoothies I really wasn't a sugary food kind of eater, in fact one reason i dont care for fruit is that its too sweet. So i'm wondering if my body maybe just isnt use to the added sugar intake.

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3/15/11 12:41 P

Weigh off the amounts your using and check with the calorie count if your okay..

Also switch on sparks menus and see if your getting everything else in ratio in too..

I learned to eat healthy by following a meal plan changing stuff I didn't like for something else from the same catagory..

Check if your getting everything in and are staying within the calorie range..

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3/15/11 11:40 A

I’ve never been a fruit eater, but recently over the last couple of months my fiancé has gotten me to drink fruit smoothes for breakfast. It’s just a cup of orange juice with some frozen strawberries, peaches, and blue barriers blended into it. I figured adding these fruits to my diet would benefit me. However I’m beginning to wonder it that’s what’s setting me back.
After switching to a healthy diet a few months back which included my morning smoothie I even gained a few pounds. So I started working out devotedly over the last 3 weeks. I go to the gym for about 35 minutes 5 - 6 days a week. Normally in the past the scale and I would see pounds coming off by this point. However 3 weeks and not a single pound lost. I’m wondering if these fruit smoothies have something to do with it. It seems to be the only thing different that I’ve added to my routine. I wonder if the sugar from the juice and fruit just doesn’t do well in my body. Anyone else had similar issues?

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