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3/5/11 7:38 A

Everything in moderation.

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3/4/11 9:13 A

here is a list of some common fruits..the calories are listed after the serving size. I consider this a HUGE bang for your calorie buck.

Fruit Serving Calories Carbs
(g) Protein
(g) Fat
Apple raw, with skin, 100g = 1 small 52
Apricot raw, with skin, 100g = 3 apricots 48 Avocado raw, no skin, 100g 160
Banana 1 medium 94 (
Boysenberries raw, 1 cup 75
Blueberries raw, 1 cup 81
Dates 1 cup, pitted, chopped 490
Grapefruit 1 medium 82
Grapes 1 cup, seedless, red or green 114
Kiwi fruit 1 medium, 2.7oz, no skin 46
Lemon 1 medium, 2oz 17
Melon Cantaloupe, 1 medium wedge, 2.4oz 24 Nectarine 1 medium 67
Oranges 1 large, 6.5oz 86
Peaches 1 medium, 3.5oz 42
Pear 1 medium, 5.8oz 98
Pineapple 1 cup, diced, 5.5oz 76
Plums 1 medium, 2.3oz 36
Raspberries 1 cup, 4.3oz 60
Strawberries 1 cup, halves, 5.4oz 46
Watermelon 1 wedge, 10oz 92

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3/4/11 7:48 A


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3/4/11 7:16 A


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3/2/11 10:12 P

Berries are a great fruit. I try to eat an apple a day too.

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3/2/11 5:07 P

Double check the serving size. When I first entered a banana, it said something like 150 calories. Then I saw that I had entered "one cup, mashed," once I changed it to "one, small, 6 inches or less," it was less calories. Regardless, I try to eat raw veggies more than fruit. Good luck tracking!

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3/1/11 11:51 P

try berries..quite low in cals!!

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3/1/11 11:37 P

WHOLE fruit. I don't drink fruit juice often. Only a sip here or there. (Also I only buy 100% juice), I eat one banana in the morning, one or two pieces of fruit (like pears or apple) in the afternoon. That only is like 300 something calories.

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2/28/11 9:00 P

is it whole fruit or juice? it is often recommended that whenever possible you have the whole fruit instead of juice, since the juice is so concentrated and full of calories. What kind of fruit are you eating?

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2/28/11 8:31 P


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2/28/11 6:48 P

I restarted my Spark Trackings today. (Because of intermentant tracking in the past) With a renewed commitment I started tracking today. I noticed most of my high calories (not fats) are coming from FRUIT! Not sure how much this matters, except that it eats away at my daily calorie allowance. Not sure what to think...I don't want to be discouraged from eating fruit.

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