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1/12/10 11:54 A

that is a great suggestion and I do make mine for travel, just when I am hungry when I go to the grocery store I use it as incengtive to go home and eat healthy instead of stopping for fast food. emoticon I don't do it often as I hate to go to the grocery store hungry.

JMOMMY10 Posts: 45
1/12/10 11:52 A

If you're eating it from time to time just count it as half. Instead of buying it, I would make them at home and use them on the go because sometimes you don't know how fresh the fruit is or if its canned. I don't like canned fruits, they are loaded with preservatives, chemicals, and sugar.

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1/12/10 11:33 A

I actually bought a yogurt cup from McDonald's and it has 1/2 cup of fruit, I use it as half a serving on my tracking because I read that 1/2 cup of fruit is a serving.There is also yogurt cups at my grocery store that has an entire cup of fruit in them. I guess I am lucky. I agree that buying plain yogurt and dding your own fruit is a better solution

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1/11/10 8:44 P

I doubt that even the yogurts from a store or restaurant have enough fruit in them to constitute a serving. If you really like fruit-flavored yogurt, you could consider blending your own at home! Either make your own yogurt or buy plain yogurt from the store, then blend it with a generous amount of your favorite fruits.

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1/11/10 2:14 P

Sorry I was thinking of the type of yogurt cup you get from a store or restaurant, not the one like "dannon"s" or "yoplait"

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1/11/10 1:40 P

It counts towards your daily needs of fruit, but the amount of actual FRUIT in a fruit yoghurt is extremely minimal. It is not a serving.

As the PP said, a serving of fruit is about half a cup. A yoghurt pottle is about half a cup. So you can see how much difference there is between a serving of fruit and a fruit yoghurt. :)

Enter the NI from the panel on the yoghurt, and don't count it as a fruit serving. But know that yes, you are getting *some* fruit.

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1/11/10 11:41 A

I think as long as it has 1/2 cup of fruit it is a serving

ERNFYN Posts: 47
1/11/10 10:59 A

I haven't found many fruits that I can't live without - Strawberries is about the only kind. I do however, like yogurt. Does a fruit yogurt cup count at all towards my daily needs for fruit?

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