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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/30/14 12:28 P

reiterating that it is best to make your own. I actually have a smoothie with me for dinner tonight. You will taste the fruit more than the veggies, so if fruit juice doesn't bother you, a smoothie may be your best bet. I also agree that you don't really need fruit since veggies have the same vitamins and minerals if fruit bothers you that much.

I would NEVER buy my smoothies from the frozen section either. you don't know how old the fruit they are using is, who knows if it has been washed properly, who knows what they add in additives and perservatives, way too much sugar.

Make your own and you control EVERYTHING. I understand that people like to chew, but I chew my smoothies too. I may not chew as much as if I had regular food in my mouth, but I do chew them. It also takes me a while to "drink" them down. I don't treat them as a shake.
They also really fill me up.

Give it a shot. Make one or two and if you don't like them or they don't curb your distaste for fruit, then you don't have to make them anymore.

SENNAIRA SparkPoints: (12,696)
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1/29/14 6:33 P

I have a smoothie for breakfast every morning..either a green smoothie which I add spinach or kale to or a fruit smoothie with almond milk, peaches, strawberries, and mango.

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
1/29/14 6:21 P

As long as you're eating whole foods (not those smoothie packets!), I think you're good to go. I also prefer veggies over fruits. I've been making green smoothies -- a mix of fruits and veggies (kale or spinach) and it's really upped my fruit and veg intake each day. I've been loving it even though it's not like I've noticed any changes.

And please don't feed yourself foods that give you heartburn or make you sick!

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/29/14 5:49 P

Sure, real fruit smoothies that you make at home are a fine way to consume fruit. Fruit juice, not so much.

As long as you get vegetables, you don't really need to eat any fruit. I LOVE fruit but find that I am so sensitive to the carbs that I have to limit myself to one fruit (or less) a day. Not a problem as long as I eat 5-10 servings of vegetables a day.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
1/29/14 5:19 P

The previous poster is right on target. If someone doesn't like vegetables, they have to find a way to get over it. If you don't like fruit, it's no big deal. There's nothing in fruit than you can't get out of veggies (a red bell pepper has as much vitamin C as an orange, for example.)

And you're right about the smoothies. What matters is what you add to them. If you use something that provides other nutrients you need, a smoothie can be a pretty healthy meal or snack. I like to put a cup of frozen fruit with a cup of skim milk and some vanilla or almond extract and maybe some spices all in a blender. It comes out very similar to soft ice cream, but with little fat and a good amount of protein, fiber, calcium, and so on. Just be careful; some fruits like bananas are more dense in calories, and some non-dairy milk-replacement beverages are high in sugar and low in other nutrients. If you use those things and add sugar, you start increasing the calorie density and it can get to the point where it's only a little better than a milkshake.

And avoid the smoothie stores! Places like Smoothie King have drinks with a whole day's worth of calories-- some of them have more added sugar than a liter of Coca-Cola. Your worst homemade smoothies are better than most of what you can buy.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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1/29/14 4:05 P

As long as you're getting a wide variety of vegetables in your day to day diet, I wouldn't worry too much about the balance of fruits vs vegetables. All the minerals that you find in fruits can be found in vegetables too! I'm generally not a fan of smoothies because actually chewing my food helps me to figure out when I'm full. But others on here are huge fans of them.

ROSEBOMB Posts: 345
1/29/14 3:43 P

I have a really hard time with fruit. I can't really explain it - I've just never been a big fan. Some of the more acidic fruits cause me very painful heartburn and the not-so-acidic (like bananas and stone fruits) just aren't very appetizing to me. So after having tried all kinds of fruits to see if I could find one I really liked, I'm thinking maybe fruit smoothies are the best way for me to get more fruit in my diet. (By the way, I love veggies and gets lots of those in all the time!)

So, here's my question ... are fruit smoothies really an OK substitute for actually eating fruit? I figure that it really hinges on what I ADD to the smoothie (like coconut vs soy vs skim milk) and such, but just thought I'd sample the group to get an overall opinion.

Also, has anyone tried those premade frozen smoothies where you just add juice or your choice of milk??

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