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2/25/12 11:55 A

Fantastic Frozen Dinners:

I do believe the intent of her article is to show that there are healthier choices out there, if this is something that you are going to eat, and which ones to stay away from. It is also a great discussion starter - as you have done here :)

Making batch meals is a fantastic idea, for freezing for future use. Those pioneers had a few good ideas!

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2/25/12 10:08 A

Plus they have REALLY high amounts of sodium. I believe the article was saying once in a while isnt bad, not every night though.
As for the baking once a week...I do believe they did bread most days, as homemade bread does dry out quickly (i own a bakery and what doesnt sell the day it was made goes to the day old table..after that i use it for bread crumbs or whatever.)

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2/15/12 8:45 A

rarely if bought in store. can make my own at home to include veggies, small amount of meat, fruit 3 times a day

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2/13/12 4:00 P

So, I just read an article emailed to me titled "Fantastic Frozen Dinners" by Becky Hand. It was a good article and well written. However I am a little surprised to find someone health concsious condoning frozen dinners. Don't get me wrong, I live in a dorm where my only cooking appliance is a microwave (and a coffee pot if you can count that) and many times I have relied on frozen dinners and I personally have nothing against them. But what about all of the preservatives that are added to the food and the pre-processedness of the meats that comes with it? That can't really be healthy either. Instead of relying on them as much, maybe the next time you make a meal you could make extra or another casserole instead of just one and then freeze that one or pre portion it out and freeze it in separate containers. My mom does that, plus you are taking the work load of two nights and sparing yourself one of those nights in the future. Back in the pioneer days they would have one day set aside for all the baking and one day set aside for all the laundry and another day set aside for all of something else. Maybe they had something going with that train of thought. emoticon

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