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GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
1/24/12 9:27 A

Thanks for responding LYNCHD05 and LOOSEINGIT!

I just figured that someone who has already gone through this (changing schedules drastically) might have some words of wisdom for me.

My tendency from the past when we've gone on vacations has been to get my exercise in "when it was convenient" because, after all, I was on vacation! LOL Plus, I also knew that I'd get back on track as soon as the vacation ended.

That's why I'm worrying that I might view our RV traveling as "vacation" instead of a need to stay vigilant with my exercise and nutrition.

Exercise bands -- CHECK! I've got those.
Hiking -- I like to do that!
SparkPeople -- I have no plans to stop being a daily Sparker!

And as far as KOA campgrounds, one summer we stayed exclusively at only KOA parks. They were really enjoyable! And like you said, clean.

Thanks again!

LOOSEINGIT Posts: 4,078
1/23/12 9:26 P

I retired over 3 yrs ago.
I started walking, and hiking, I could head out my back door any time. I purchased a weighted vest and after a while and then incorporated some jogging.( never could do very well) . In the spring of the follow year I got a part time job with the KOA campground where I work now. I see lots of retired folks camping. Our Koa has a swimming pool, hiking trails, be sure to pack your bike, croquet, corn hole, lots of other outdorr games, we also have a game room filled with board games of every kind. KOA offers discounts cards.. and Check with the campground you intend to stay and see what they offer before you get there. You will know what to take before you leave. KOA campgrounds are most usually always cleaner than most..check us out

LYNCHD05 Posts: 11,023
1/23/12 8:49 P

We have been retired now for six years. We are away most of the winter but travelling in an RV is very different from just changing your location. One thing you can do is take your exercise bands with you. With these you can do almost any exercise you can do with weights. It will be challenging when you are on the road but you also have a wonderful opportunity to do a lot of hiking. This will be a wonderful phase of your life and I know you will enjoy it. It sounds like you are very busy already. As far as nutrition, now you will have more time to really do it right! emoticon

GETUP-N-GOGIRL Posts: 8,854
1/23/12 11:23 A

I've got excitement, and nervousness, about hubby's upcoming retirement. Our lives are about to change DRASTICALLY!

On my mind is the concern of keeping my fitness and nutrition routine going after our lives change with the retirement. (NOTE: I'm not always that perfect with it. But at least I -do- have a routine and know when I am or am not following it!)

Here's my real concern: We will be moving away and living the RV life of adventure by traveling to various places!

So I'm thinking I need a sort of routine that fits in with never being in the same place!!!

Any ideas to share with me? I could sure use the input!

And I'm also curious how retirement affected your fitness/nutrition routine, even if you didn't move away. It's still a huge change to your lifestyle!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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